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We have assisted our clients into many interview opportunities, these companies include JP Morgan, British Airways, The Financial Ombudsman, Michael Kors, Surrey County Council, Ebay, Barclays, HSBC, Coutts, Aston Martin, King’s College London, Birmingham City Council, Australian Embassy London, and many more.
Hi Jerry, I can’t thank you enough, since we last met Jan 2015, I have now moved to a role in Dubai and my salary went up from £35K to £90K. When I come back to London I will bring you that bottle of champagne that I promised, I’m really happy we met, you are a pleasure to work with.
George, Senior AML & KYC Manager, Dubai & London
Jerry, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you. The CV and cover letter are now perfect.
Goldie, Non-executive Director, London
Hi Jerry, I used the CV/cover letter you sent me to apply for a PA to Exec Producer and I got an email back. You are seriously a magician because I had applied for everything I could since April 2014 and one CV from you and I got an interview! I actually feel like this is a dream! Thanks so much for the work you put in. I was getting so frustrated in not getting interviews. Fingers crossed this one goes well!Best
Caitlin – Production Assistant
Jerry, You delivered a sterling job and I look forward to working with you again soon, God bless you, Mark
Dr. Mark C, NHS, London
Hi Zoey, A Big Thank You for my amazing CV! I am very happy with it and really impressed how you’ve captured everything. Thank you for your well wishes for our move to Oz too.
Angie, Senior Manager, London
Hi Zoey, I just had a look at the CV and it looks perfect 🙂 I am very happy. It looks very professional.
Thank you very much 🙂 Now I can start applying for new jobs 🙂 Thank you again!
Edyta, Executive PA, London
Hi Jerry, I just wanted to let you know that I have been shortlisted for the job at the Australian embassy. 🙂 I still have to go to the final interview but I am very happy with the results so far. Besides, I have received very positive feedback from other companies (to which I have applied to). I have been contacted by Amazon, Paypal and Cambridge University Press.In fact, I will start working for Cambridge University Press next Monday but I intend to quit the job if I am accepted at the Australian Embassy. Again, thanks a lot for all your help!!
Desiree – Account Executive, London
Absolutely World Class mate!! Great work. I Love it. Thanks Jez!
Alec, Business Development Manager, Lancashire
Hi Jerry! Everything looks good to me, the cover letter is strong! Thank you very much for your help, made it so much easier for me:) Kind Regards,
Assel, Fashion Graduate, London
Hi Zoey, the cv looks great. So I am happy with the result and now we have to pass it on to the employers.I am really glad I choose your company. I hope the best for you.
Stavros, Accountant, Greece
CV London helped me greatly in improving the contents of my CV whilst also creating a very attractive cover letter. They’ve helped me understand how important is to create an immaculate image of myself on the internet by helping me put together a LinkedIn profile which will allow employers to get into contact with me much easier.
On the Curriculum Vitae they’ve shortened from 2 pages to 1 pages by rephrasing certain parts to make it more punchy to make it more effective from the reader’s point of view while concentrating on my most important skills. Jerry was comprehensive in his approach in understanding aspects of my experience and my academic life in order to create a cover letter of high level written quality. Jerry also explained to me the importance of creating an image of myself on the internet as employers often use it as reference. He familiarised me me with LinkedIn profile while creating it, and has offered further support in improving it.
Silviu, Mechanical Engineering Graduate, London
“Jerry has re-written and updated my cv – working under a tight deadline to ensure that I had a new offering for a tradeshow. He listened to my requirements and my specifications and created a document that reflects my skills and abilities much better, the next stage to finding the perfect job! Thank you”
Allyson, Freelance International Events Manager, London
Zoe, many thanks. It looks good.
Dalvinder, Director, London
Your CV service landed me 5 job offers from a cleaner, photographer and receptionist and the full-time one I started on the 10th April, working full time C.E.O aka Civil Enforcement Officer. Thank you guys so much! Without you there is no way I would of have any job at all.
Terri, Civil Enforcement Officer, London
The friendly advisor at CVLondon completely changed my CV so that it was more in line with what recruiters were looking for, the agencies I went to thought my cv was great! So much so the day after I applied for a job and got an interview and got the job! Thank you so much!
Katie – Design Studio Manger, London
CV London helped me get my first job at the age of 17. Now I’m working in Sainsbury’s as a sales assistant. CV London helped me perfect my CV to make it stand out from the rest, they also helped me with my interview skills helping me enhance my interpersonal skills, allowing me to use it to my advantage allowing me to successfully get my first job with my first ever job interview. And for that I just want to say thank you so much CV London!
Julian – Sales Assistant, London
I just would like to say thank you for updating the CV for me. You have been targeting all the necessary points that a good CV should have and I do want to point out that I keep having interviews and have been contacted by quite a lot of recruitment agencies in the past months. I just secured a job as a sales associate in Selfridges.
Ellis, Sales Associate, London
Thank you so much for doing my CV, I got the job!
Kalbinder – Warehouse Manager, Derby
Thanks very much for assisting in creating my daughter’s graduate CV, exactly what we wanted. Thanks a million!
John, Derby
Wow! Jerry, thank you so much indeed for your help. My struggle have come to an end. I absolutely love my new CV and cover letter. You’re a star, Gracias!
Mari, Senior Manager, London
Thank you very much for my new graduate cv. You’ve covered all the angles, no re-draft needed. Thank you!
Paulina, Admin Assistant, London
Thanks for my new graduate CV and cover letter. I love it!
Stefano. Graduate, Guilford.
Hello Jerry, really like my new graduate CV. I have a good feeling that I will get some good results, I will keep you posted. Thanks mate!
Mi, Graduate, London
Thank you Jerry! I find it perfect!
Konstantina, Accounts Assistant, London
On first glance… I love it! Thank you Jerry! Getting back into to the workplace after a long period self-employed, CV london were the perfect team to build me an excellent CV. Clearly demonstrating all my transferrable skills to go forward with. I was so impressed by the finished result I even asked them to work on a covering letter to accompany it. Would definately recommend!
Jayne, Chesire
Hi Jerry, I GOT THE JOB!!!! Wow, that’s such an amazing CV, I’m so grateful for your help. I will be back for you to help me with my cover letter too. Cheers Jerry! x
Beatrice. Graduate, London
Hi Jerry, thanks for your encouragement and also for creating such a great CV. I think I now have the confidence to go out there and make it happen. Thanks!
Olivia, Teacher, London.
Cheers for the cover letter, it’s pretty good eh? Thanks mate!
Stuart, Commercial Properties Surveyor, Birmingham.
Hi Jon, thanks a million for the new cv and cover letter, nice one!
Karine, Sales Manager, London.
Hi Jerry!! Thank you so so much, for putting my CV together. It really is very impressive 🙂 ,
Bella, Art Director, Yorkshire
Jerry!! Thank you so so much for my CV together. It’s great, I seriously can’t tank you enough!
Michelle, Sales Manager, Ireland
Top Man Jez!! Thanks for helping me with my CV, as you knew that typing and computers aren’t my forte. Cheers mate!
Darren, Construction Crane Operator, London
Hello Jon, Many thanks for my great CV
Michael, London
Thank you so much Jerry for my cover letter. I have struggled with this for a long time and even though we went over our appointment time, you were patient and happy to help without complaint, very professional.
Elin, Post Graduate, London
Hello Jerry, Thank you kindly for re-writing my CV and cover letter. I know that I was a little resistant to change it but in the end you were right. It looks much better than before with the correct information in the right places. Thanks!
Anastasiya, Post Graduate, London
Thank you Jerry! I got the job!! Your interview skills questions really helped me. God bless you!
Rhoda, Teaching Assistant, London
I absolutely love my CV and Cover Letter Jerry. Thanks!
Adrian, Administrator, Horsham
Jon and Jerry, Thanks very much for my now professional looking CV and cover letter. Really good value.
Abdullah, Sales Advisor, London
Hello Jerry, My new CV is spot, thank you so much for listening to me ramble on. I’m surprised you managed to do this even though I didn’t have my original CV. Well done, you don’t even need to do a second draft, this is perfect!
Christine, Volunteer, London
Hello Jerry, Well as I said I would keep you posted on whether or not I got the job.. and guess what, I got it!! I am absolutely over the moon. I handed in my notice at work yesterday, Thank you for all the advise and giving me the extra confidence to believe in myself. It really helped.
Laura, Financial Analyst, London
Hi Jerry, Thank you very much for today, I actually really enjoyed the process! I have showed both my flat mates my CV and they are very impressed with it, both are Teachers, one is an English Teacher and the other a Principle of an Academy, thanks
Nick, Retail Merchandiser, London
Hi Jerry, May I take this opportunity to thank you for your kind assistance and patience.Thank you!
Kaljinder, Executive PA, London
Hi, the CV and the cover letter are very well written thanks.
Shaun, IT Specialist, London
Dear Jerry , Thank you so much for the appointment I had with you. Thank you and God Bless you
Matthew, IT Undergraduate, London
Hi Jerry , Just thought I would mention I have recruiters, agencies and companies contacting me via LinkedIn just about non stop! Thank you for tidying it up for me great work indeed. All the best
Beata, Client Officer, London
Hi Jerry, Wow!
This looks amazing-just what I was looking for, you’ve done a wonderful job-I’m chuffed to bits
Dayna, Managing Director, London
Hi Jerry, the CV and covering letter both look very good.
Solomon, Senior Audit Manager, London
Hey Zoey, I think you nailed it. It looks great, I can’t think of any thing else to add. Definitely a major improvement.
John, Art Director, London
WOW, it’s all good now 🙂 many thanks !.
Priyanka, HR Assistant, London
Dear Jerry, Thank you so much for taking all this time today to help me. I really appreciate your patience and it was really nice to meet you.
Banu – Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management leader
Hi JerryThanks very much for this. It looks good thanks
Simon – Operations Manager
Hello JerryI have read a second drafts of the CV and the Cover letter and I like them very much, thanks!
Viktorya – Graduate
Hi Jerry,It’s Very Well done, thank you so much!
Jack – Retail Assistant
Hello Jerry, By the way – I received a compliment on my CV layout today. Thanks to you all.
Michelle – Marketing Director

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