How To Format Your CV

Formatting is a very important part of the documentation. It makes differences in different documents. So CV formatting is very crucial in a job hunt. Wrong formatting can make it more difficult for the recruiter to find your specialties. Just think if you are a hiring person and a resume in your hand in the random application of a job rather than proper formatting. Well, do you think you should hire that person who cannot take enough time for himself? Will that person be able to give the files in the required format?

So before dropping your CV make sure it is according to the required format.

Have a look at the formatting of the CV.

1. Page Margins

While writing the CV you don’t have open space. You have to manage in the limited space. To fill the pages with captivating content so the employer will contact you back. By decreasing the page margin you will be able to fit more content. It will become more visible to the recruiter when he will open your CV, and it gives a high impact on him.

2. Minimise Your Private Details

Lengthy contact detail will push the main content of the CV down and hide important content. So try to write your name, contact address, and your location it will be enough.

3. Sections

Divide your CV into some important sections. Like qualifications, experience, skills. It will make your CV a more professional look and make it comfortable for the recruiter.

4 use bullet points

By using the bullet points you will make your CV more readable. The recruiter will be able to read out the CV in a quick look instead of reading the massy paragraph.

5. Use Microsoft word

Keep one thing in mind while sending your CV that it is in word doc format. Microsoft word has the best features for CV writing. But if you don’t have access you can use Google doc or any other. It is compatible and editable.

6. Use Chronological resume format

All the software systems can read it without any complications. All recruiters and interviewers are familiar with this format. Whether are a fresh graduate or a senior professional, it is very easy to work with this format.

7. Name the file

CV is a professional document. When the recruiter will open your mail they can see your file name so take few seconds to name the file suitably.

Now in the end you should feel pretty confident about the job!

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