How to Have a Successful Interview with Different Representatives of The Company

Different representatives of the company may interview you, and their features and different approaches should be taken into account. There are no simple interviews, but they can be made easier if you know what you need to be ready for.

 For the positive passage of interview it is necessary to consider a lot of nuances. A candidate for a position may be interviewed with a staff manager, department manager, general manager, in addition, the recruitment process can take several stages, and each one is unique in its own way. It is important to be guided in all the peculiarities in order to answer questions correctly, provide information that is interesting to your interviewer, and build the desired line of behavior.

Personnel Manager

An interview with the HR manager is the most typical situation. In most cases, this will be the first person in the company with whom you have a conversation. The purpose of the HR manager is to make a preliminary opinion of all applicants for the vacancy and to remove all unsuitable candidates. In order not to be among such candidates, recommends that you take the responsibility to prepare for the interview. Your task is to tell your achievements, skills and experience, present yourself at the best and prove that you are approaching the company.

The HR Manager is the link between you and the company, so do not hesitate to ask questions that interest you. The company should fit you the way you are a company. In addition, you will show your interest in the work and the company as a whole, which will play an important role. The recruiter will ask quite typical questions to evaluate you both as a specialist and as a person.

Head of Department

The head of the department will first of all evaluate your professional skills and knowledge. The main interest will be to represent your past experience in fulfilling the tasks required for a specific position. It will be judged whether you have the necessary competences that will enable you to successfully cope with the responsibilities. To do this, you must prepare examples of situations, tasks, projects from previous jobs where you have achieved the desired result, and tell how you achieved it.

Since the head of the department knows well the situation and the employees inside his team, he will definitely try to determine whether you will enter it. And will you be able to work directly under his leadership. If you do not apply for a leading position, this phase is likely to be final in the process of employment. And if everything went well, get ready to take up duties.


An interview with the CEO will take place if you are in charge of a senior position or apply for his assistant. Also, an interview with the director can take place in small companies with a small number of employees, well acquainted with everyone in person and with their work. In this case, he as well as the head of the department will be able to determine your competence and correspondence with the team.

If you are counting on a leading position, the director will try to determine which level of trust can be between you and whether you will be comfortable communicating with each other. Before interviewing it is important to present a portrait of the future boss. Often, company executives are public figures, so look for interviews in the press, perhaps they have their own publications. And during the previous stages of employment, learn as much as possible about the corporate culture of the company. All this will help you find an approach to a potential supervisor.

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