How Write a Good Media CV

The media industry is very competitive and fast moving. So it’s really important to make an impactful CV for the hiring person within the media sector. Are you looking for a job in media? The you have to write a winning journalism resume to apply for the position. The Media industry comprises of many different sectors such as TV, Radio, Journalism Publishing, Acting, etc.

Let’s discuss how to write a winning media CV.


Add your contact details. Try to add up a most responsive source of contact in your contact details.


Add your skills, qualification, certifications, and extinctions in a brief note. Add some experience with the most recent work you are currently performing.


Mention your qualification especially which are relevant to the media industry.

4.Hard skills 

Mention those hard skills which have important value in the media industry. It could be like, video editing, researching, copywriting, proofreading, operating cameras, Photoshop, it will depend on the job role you are applying for.

The industry is too vast if you are applying for the job of journalism. You should focus on specifically, reporting, your ability to get information, full command of the English language, your natural ability to dig out the stories, news writing, feature articles, auditing, and sub-editing.

5.Portfolio for media CV

Whether you are interested in journalism, videographer, translator, or content strategist you must have a well-impressive body of work ready to show to your interviewer. Multiple websites offer to build a portfolio for you according to your standards in one digital home. And if you are a social media maven, you can show your work with links from your accounts or any content which you create. If you are thinking to write a cover letter with your media CV, it is the right time to mention your portfolio or add a direct link to the cover letter.


The ideal length of CV Is not more than two pages of size A4. Make your application punchy and relevant.


Make it simple and elegant. Add some muted colours it will give a more graceful look to your resume. Make sure your CV has clear headings, use slightly bold font size.

8.Final sum up

Make sure that you have used strong, and varied words in your resume by choosing impactful qualities and skills. It will impress the interviewer that you are the ideal one for the job. Also, make sure your CV is free from grammatical mistakes.

Best of luck with your job hunt!

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