Shehzad Khawaja

CV Writer

Shehzad has been CV writing for over 3 years and has written CVs for over 400 professionals around the globe.

He is vastly experienced in assisting clients to showcase their strengths and capabilities, using the latest cutting-edge CV templates to uniquely present their profile information, enhancing career achievements articulation and tailoring CVs to a range of professions and job roles.

Shehzad has worked with both senior and experienced professionals and has successfully enabled his clients to move a step closer towards securing their dream job.

Shehzad has created CVs that include Senior Managers, Graduates, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors and many others.

Has a proven record in delivering client satisfaction, clearly understanding requirements and producing high quality work in a short turnaround time.

By trade, Shehzad works as a Management Consultant and has over 10 years of experience working with FTSE 100 companies, across numerous industry sectors so he knows exactly what these business are looking for in a well-written professional CV.

As part of the CVLondon team, Shehzad delivers the CVLondon “Online Same Day Weekend CV Service”, this is ideal for clients who are time poor and cannot attend our office for a face to face appointment and would rather have a call on the weekend.