Top 10 Ways To Know and Find Your Ideal Job


Top 10 Ways To Know and Find Your Ideal Job.

Before considering getting your perfect job you should have a desire to see what you want, this will bring some relevance in finding the specific dream job. Below are the top 10 ways that are essential in helping you knowing your ideal position;

1. Be focused

The focus is generally associated with passion or love you have for something. When you are focused on what you love will help you be specific with your career and cultivating it. When you remain focused on what you want concerning your career or dream job, you will avoid the mistake of pursuing a degree that doesn’t help find your ideal job.

2. Colour Quiz

This is a five-minute quiz whereby you get your answers analyzed and then are returned to match your desired career. It is free and easy to use to get your results.

3. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment

This is a method involving questionnaire done either online or paper whereby you get to know and can make decisions regarding your capability. This method is helpful because you are examined in four different ways of how things appear to you outside the world. First is how to direct and receive energy referred to as extrovert against introvert, second is how you take information ( whether is by sensing or intuitive), how you make decisions (how you feel and how you think) and finally how you engage the world outside, that is through judgement and perception. Through this questionnaire, you can know more about yourself, your communication skills and it is easier to understand where your ideal job is.

4. The Truity TypeFinder Tests

Here, the TypeFinder Personality Test assesses your personality in 16 different types and a more advanced assessment known as the TypeFinder Workplace which is professionally-based.

5. The Pymetrics

This is a game-based assessment that helps you learn more about your profession. This method helps you choose without surveys or questionnaires and at the end, what you have scored is what defines your career. It is used in schools as well as different companies to recruit applicants for positions.

6. MAPP career assessment

This is an assessment whereby you are taken in a 22-minute test with about 71 questions at your disposal. The questions are based on what you like and dislike inherently to test job potentiality.

7. The Sokanu Test

This primarily has a 20-minute question that bases about you as a person, your interests as well as what you prefer up to 100 different characteristics and at the end, you are linked to 800 jobs as recommendations to your career.

8. Passion

You should look at what you are passionate about and use that as an avenue to determine your ideal job.

9. The Skills Profiler

This focuses on skills rather than personality whereby you input your current skills in the Skills Profiler tool, or your job type and at the end, you will be matched with your input.

10. The PathSource

This method helps you asses the kind of job that suits your lifestyle, unlike your personality or interests. Your career desires and character are tested so that you are aware of your career dreams supplications.

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