Corporate Treasurer CV Example

1. Personal Profile

Start your CV with a concise personal profile that highlights your expertise as a Corporate Treasurer. Include your years of experience, key skills, and a brief overview of your career goals. Make sure it is tailored to the specific role you are applying for.

Example: “Experienced Corporate Treasurer with over 10 years in financial management, specializing in cash flow optimization and risk management for multinational corporations. Proven track record in driving financial strategy and delivering measurable results. Seeking to leverage strong analytical skills and strategic insights to contribute to a dynamic organization.”

2. Key Skills

List essential skills relevant to the role of a Corporate Treasurer. Include technical skills such as financial analysis, treasury management systems (TMS), and regulatory compliance. Soft skills like leadership, communication, and problem-solving are also crucial.


Financial Analysis

Cash Flow Management

Risk Assessment

Treasury Systems (e.g., Kyriba, TreasuryXpress)

Compliance and Regulation

Strategic Planning

Team Leadership

Communication and Negotiation

3. Chronological History

Detail your work experience in reverse chronological order, emphasizing roles relevant to corporate treasury. Include company names, job titles, dates of employment, and a brief description of your responsibilities and achievements in each role.

Example: Corporate Treasurer XYZ Corporation, New York, NY
June 2018 – Present

Managed $XX million in daily cash flow operations, optimizing liquidity and reducing borrowing costs by X%.

Developed and implemented risk management strategies, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

4. Key Achievements

Highlight your accomplishments using quantifiable metrics wherever possible. Focus on results that demonstrate your impact as a Corporate Treasurer, such as revenue growth, cost savings, or process improvements.


Negotiated a new banking relationship, resulting in annual savings of $XXX thousand in banking fees.

Implemented a hedging strategy that protected against currency fluctuations, saving the company $X million.

5. Qualifications

List your educational background, certifications, and professional memberships relevant to corporate treasury. Include degrees, diplomas, certifications (e.g., Certified Treasury Professional), and any ongoing professional development.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance, XYZ University

Certified Treasury Professional (CTP)

Member, Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)

6. Education

Provide details of your educational qualifications, starting with your most recent qualifications. Include the institution name, degree obtained, graduation date, and any relevant academic achievements.

Example: Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance XYZ University, New York, NY
Graduated: May 20XX

7. Hobbies

Include a brief section on your hobbies and interests to showcase your personality outside of work. Choose hobbies that demonstrate skills such as teamwork, creativity, or leadership.

Example: Interests: Marathon running, mentoring aspiring finance professionals, and photography.

General CV Writing Advice

Tailor Each CV: Customize your CV for each job application by highlighting relevant skills and experiences.

Use Action Verbs: Start bullet points with strong action verbs (e.g., managed, developed, implemented) to describe your achievements.

Keep it Concise: Aim for a CV length of 1-2 pages, focusing on the most relevant information.

Proofread: Check for grammar and spelling errors to ensure a polished final document.

Formatting: Use a clean and professional layout with consistent formatting (font size, spacing, headings).

Importance of Expert CV Writers

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