How to Handle Panel Job Interviews

How to Handle Panel Job Interviews

Interviews can be nerve racking at the best of times, but when you have to be on an interview with a panel of interviewers scrutinising your every answer, can be incredibly daunting. We are going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to increase your chances of success when you’re at an interview that has a panel of interviewers to impress.


Be Highly Attentive & Listen to the Questions Carefully

Out of pressure and nerves, many people tend not to listen to the questions from start to finish. Doing this will give you clarity and the confidence required to ensure that you are able to answer the questions fully and with confidence.


Answer all of the Competency Questions Using the STAR Method  

When answering questions on a job application form, it’s usually expected for you to answer the questions by using the STAR Method. STAR is the following acronym, Situation, Task, Action and Result. In most cases, you would have to demonstrate exactly how each skill required has been actioned in the past using the STAR method. The purpose of this, is for you to clearly show the employer that you can do the job in a practical manner and that you are competent.


Answer all the Questions Honestly

Make sure that you answer all the questions and answer them with complete honesty. Any false information can come back to bite you in the future, be honest.


Give Equal Attention to Everyone on the Panel

As much as it can be intimidating at a panel interview, it’s important to give as much equal attention to all of the interviewers on the panel. You can do this by balancing your eye contact with everyone, this way you are actively engaging with everyone and it shows that you are confident in yourself. You can also do this also by communicating equally with each person. It’s very easy to gravitate to the ‘nice’ interviewer, but if you do this, you can tend to isolate the others, and then giving them a negative impression about you. So try and engage equally with everyone, this will certainly help you.

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