How to Highlight Your Competencies in Your CV

Your CV, particularly how you report your skills on your CV, can determine how far along you advance in the hiring process. And if a hiring panel does decide to offer you the job, your resume skills section can easily influence the salary figure they settle on.

The competencies section in the resume comprises your skills, knowledge and certifications, of different products that make you appropriate candidate. A competencies section in the CV comprises your skills, knowledge, and certificates, of different products that make you an appropriate candidate.

Your CV will tell, especially how do you explain your skills in your CV.  And how far along you advance in the hiring process of the company. Your skills section helps out the hiring panel, to save their time by writing it in a way that directly meets their requirements. Explain your specializations, the work and time you give in writing your CV, will pay you back, in form of the invitation of the job letter.

Skills are something that makes you different and empowers you. These are abilities, learned from institutions through practice education and training. Practice making you specialized in your task. Competence is the combination of someone’s knowledge and behaviour that lead him to success in his career. While creating your CV Keep in mind that keep your skills highlight in your work history.

The skills section is the portion of your resume where you enlist your abilities and skills which are required, for your desired job. Write your skills in one section, clearly so the recruiter can easily find out his desired choice, according to his need, and he can do it so quickly.

Make a list

Make a list of skills like social skills, soft skills, communication skills, and hard skills. Hard skills are learned from an institution. List your core qualities, always prioritize your skills list according to the job requirement.

Keep relevant

Keep your skills portion relevant to your job. Just imagine you are a job hunter .you see an ad in the newspaper where the company needed plumbers. But you are skilled in electrical work and you are thinking to you think that company will consider you?

Market demand

Make sure you are listing the most in-demand skills. Make yourself proficient and efficient.


Put your work-relevant skills, you learned from an institute, in the professional experience section.

Consider your awards and achievements

If you got some awards, in your working experience, for example, employ of the year, or the best researcher of the year do mention in your CV. Show yourself unique competent in the hiring company.

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Final Take Away

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