How to Negotiate a Job Offer in Writing

Well, you got a job offer from the best company in the town, but the salary package is not as your expectation, or the designation is not what you expected. In this situation, a well-written negotiation letter or email can make the situation in your favor.

A written offer from the employee shows you the whole picture of the employment package, including bonuses, salary, travel time, benefits, health insurance, and paid time off.

Written proposals also help employees to clarify all the advantages and disadvantages in their minds. You can make a decision after studying the proposal thoroughly. Hence, the following are the effective steps for a successful negotiation;

  1. Start your letter by thanking the HR department or manager and express your gratitude for the job. Let them know through your works that the company is impressive and show your interest in the position.
  2. Now, to grab their attention, you must request any employment details or the company’s policy. With a job offer, it’s appropriate for you to request these things. Also, you can ask about working hours or days, whether the timings are flexible or not, etc.
  3. Next, you take time from the employer at least 24 to 48 hours. Tell them that you need to think about it. After discussing employment policies, it’s time for you to negotiate. The time you are taking to rethink can prevent you from hasty decisions.
  4. When the time is over, ask the management to set up a specific time for a meeting/talk with the HR department.
  5. During your time for a rethink, perform some research about the employment package and salary that employers offered. See if it’s low or high-level compensation according to the region and industry. Also, make sure the paid time off, retirement plan, and insurance plan are constant with organization standards.
  6. Meet your hiring manager and request your desired salary. Be realistic, don’t demand 50% more than offered, and be reasonable according to the industry and position.
  7. If the hiring manager resists your request, then reduce it slightly but don’t compromise on other benefits.

Keep on negotiating with the HR department/manager until you both agree to a final offer. At that time, you have to make a final decision immediately whether you’re still interested or not in the offer.

Final Takeaway

A professional approach during a job offer negotiation will give you another closure to the industrial world. The final decision is on you, but there’s no harm in negotiating with a hiring manager. CV London can help you in the offering excellent interview coaching practice sessions so that your negotiation skills are up to scratch for the next interviews you have.

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