How to Prepare for a Video Job Interview

Study the Company Beforehand

This is absolutely key, studying the company and the sector beforehand is most certainly going to help you learn about any key facts, figures, situations and people that you need to know about. Don’t go too crazy as there may too much to learn, but try and get an overview of what you need to generally know, so that you are not caught out with any tricky questions. It may also be helpful to find out who will be interviewing you to help you prepare beforehand.


Get Interview Coaching

Hiring an interview coach is a great thing that you can do. With their knowledge and expertise, they can confidently navigate and advise you on how to answer questions in a job interview. They will also advise you on what questions to expect to come up. This will certainly boost your confidence and certainly reduce the chances of your mind going blank as you would have prepared your answers. They will be able to help you answer questions that can be easy, complex and competency based in their origin


Make Sure that You Meet the Criteria for the Role

It’s vitally important to read the job description in its entirety. Reading the job description and the person specification will clearly show you exactly what is required from yourself to fully perform the role. By understanding the requirements of the role, you will be able to firmly ascertain the skills and experience that you need to demonstrate on the application form answers.

Set up Your Computer Properly 

We’ve all been there before, on that Zoom call and there’s at least one person holding up the proceedings because they are on mute or the camera isn’t working. You most certainly don’t want to be this person at the video interview. So, take the time beforehand to make sure that all your laptop or computer settings are all working in time for the interview.

Manage Your Surroundings Beforehand

Also, be sure to make sure that your surroundings are working in your favour. Make sure you have good natural lighting; your room is clean and presentable and that any other devices are completely off as to avoid any interruptions.

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