How to Prepare for Your First Day at Your New Job

How to Prepare for Your First Day at Your New Job

Congratulations! So, you got the phone call that you’ve been waiting, you skilfully negotiated a great salary package, and you finally got the new role that you’ve been trying to land, you deserve a huge well done! This certainly is a cause for great celebration and excitement now that you are off to pastures new in a new career.

Looking great on your first day at your new job is crucial and you want to make sure that your set a great first professional impression to your boss and your colleagues.

Ask Your Line Manager

Be proactive, simply call or email your line manager a week before you start your new role, and simply ask them what the company dress code is. They will be more than happy to let you know what to expect in terms of dress code. By you contacting them ahead of your start, this will show that you are proactive and care that you want to look the part and be prepared.

Look the Part

One of the best ways to plan for your first day outfit is to do some simple research. One of the essential things you can do is to go onto the company site and check out their social media channels. This is where you’ll be able to identify if it’s a formal or casual set up. Whatever you see, you want to ensure that you dress appropriately to  make sure that your attire is inline with company policy. One of our best tips is to always lean on the side of formal just to be safe.

Plan Your New Route to Work

A really clever thing that you can do is to plan your route to work in advance. If you have the time, you can always to a dry run, so that you know exactly what route to take. The last thing you want to do, is be late on your first day, that will certainly not go down well in setting a great first impression. There are loads of tools, apps and sites that you can use to calculate how long it will take you to get to work and establish the best mode of transport. We would always recommend getting to early at least 15 minutes before you start, this way you’re not going to feel rushed or pressured. It’s always a great idea to do this, so that you can be cool and calm to start your first day.

Be Ready for Anything on the First Day

Be ready for absolutely anything! It’s been known for some Managers to get new starters on the job immediately with a baptism of fire, if this happens then prepare to bring your ‘A’ game! Other Managers partner up with the HR department for a more leisurely induction that can last anything from a couple of days to a month.  Make sure that you ask as many questions as possible, but don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions.

Ask a Tonne of Questions 

Starting a new role can be very nerve racking and that is totally understandable. Naturally there will be lots of new information to take and this can be overwhelming. There is a famous saying “It’s better to be a fool for 5 mins, than for 5 years”, in other words ask the stupid questions now, get them over with, so that you’ll end up being smarter in the end. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to ensure that you get the clarity that you need.

At the same time, it’s really good to display your initiative by doing your own research before you begin commenting or making suggestions that might be interpreted as not understanding your position or the business. When you’re given answers to the questions you have asked, be sure to listen so you don’t have to ask the same questions over and over again, as well. Take notes if you have to.

Be Kind and Friendly

Being friendly, kind and open are the best attributes to making a good impression at a new job. When the opportunity arises feel free to talk to people and get to know new people. They’ll certainly ask you about yourself, but be sure to also ask about them too. Also, use positive and open body language like smiling and not crossing your arms to show your co-workers that you’re excited to meet them.

Try and Remember Names

We know this can be very difficult as you’ll be meeting a lot of people throughout your first day of work, and while remembering new names can be an easy task for some, for others it can be a bit of a struggle. When you meet a new colleague for the first time, when they say their name, repeat it to yourself several times in your head and say it out aloud back to them.

Accept that Lunch Invitation

Your Manager or some your new co-workers will possibly invite you out to lunch on your first day of work. Here’s what you should do… GO! Having lunch with them will be a great opportunity to have chat and to get to know your new colleagues in a more relaxed setting. Here is your chance to ask lots of questions and really listen to the answers that you get back


Get to Know Your Team

Giving a great first impression with your colleagues is certainly the right way to go, and it will certainly help set the best positive tone for your first day and beyond. Your first day at your new job should be an exciting time of new pastures and opportunities. As long as you’re well-prepared, you’ll smash it!

Final Take Away

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