Intelligence Analyst CV Example

In today’s competitive job market, a standout CV is crucial to catch the eye of employers and land your dream role as an intelligence analyst. Your CV not only showcases your skills and experience but also highlights your unique strengths that set you apart from other candidates. Follow this comprehensive guide to create an impressive intelligence analyst CV that grabs attention and demonstrates your expertise.

1. Personal Profile

Your personal profile serves as the introduction to your CV. It should be concise yet impactful, summarizing your experience, skills, and career goals. Tailor it to the specific role you’re applying for, emphasizing your analytical prowess and ability to interpret complex data effectively.

Example: “Dynamic intelligence analyst with 5+ years of experience in military and corporate settings. Proven track record in threat assessment, risk analysis, and strategic intelligence. Skilled in utilizing advanced analytical tools and techniques to provide actionable insights. Seeking to leverage expertise in a challenging intelligence analyst role at [Company Name].”

2. Key Skills

List essential skills relevant to intelligence analysis prominently. Include technical skills such as data analysis software proficiency, as well as soft skills like critical thinking and attention to detail. Use bullet points for clarity and readability.


Threat Assessment

Data Visualization

Intelligence Reporting

Risk Mitigation

Critical Analysis

Cross-team Collaboration

3. Chronological History

Outline your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent role. Include job titles, company names, dates of employment, and concise descriptions of your responsibilities and achievements. Quantify achievements where possible to demonstrate impact.

Example: Intelligence Analyst, XYZ Corporation March 2018 – Present

Conducted in-depth analysis of global security threats, resulting in a 20% improvement in preemptive measures.

Produced daily intelligence briefings for senior management, enhancing decision-making processes.

4. Key Achievements

Highlight specific accomplishments that showcase your skills and contributions. Focus on measurable outcomes and use action verbs to describe your achievements.


Analyzed and interpreted data to identify emerging trends, contributing to a 15% reduction in security incidents.

Developed a comprehensive intelligence database that improved information retrieval efficiency by 30%.

5. Qualifications

Detail your educational background, certifications, and any relevant training. Include the degree earned, institution name, graduation year, and any honors or awards received.

Example: Bachelor of Science in Intelligence Studies University of ABC, Graduated May 2016

6. Education

Highlight any relevant hobbies or interests that showcase additional skills or qualities. For example, participation in strategic board games might demonstrate analytical thinking, while volunteering for a crisis hotline shows empathy and teamwork.


Strategic Board Games

Crisis Hotline Volunteer

General CV Writing Advice

Tailor Each Application: Customize your CV for each job application to highlight the most relevant skills and experiences.

Keep it Concise: Aim for a CV length of 1-2 pages, focusing on the most impactful information.

Proofread: Ensure your CV is free of errors in grammar, spelling, and formatting.

Why Choose a Professional CV Writer?

Crafting a compelling CV can be daunting. Professional CV writers, like those at CVLondon, offer expert guidance to save you time and ensure your CV meets industry standards. They understand what recruiters and employers look for in a CV and can help you present your skills and experiences effectively. Book an appointment today to elevate your job application process!

By following this guide and leveraging professional support, you’ll create an intelligence analyst CV that stands out and maximizes your chances of securing your desired role. Remember, your CV is your first impression—make it count!

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