Job Interview Advice for Introverts

Job Interview Advice for Introverts

Job searching can be a difficult period for all types of personalities, and especially for those who are more introverted than others. Given the fact that at interviews, the aim is to sell yourself and to put your best foot forward, many people are not really comfortable in doing that. Ironically, according to research, introverts are the most effective leaders. But in order to take a top position in the company, you must first get a job in order to make the progression. For many people, it seems that the main thing in an interview is charisma and have the ability to handle diverse kinds of pressures.

Speak not about yourself, but about your achievements and results of your work

Introverts often may find that it is difficult to talk about themselves or boast. Instead, if you are more introverted, try and talk more about your previous work achievements, the projects that you successfully completed, the ideas that you have developed and contributed to a project, the goals you have successfully achieved, this is the sort of information that will really impress your potential employer so that they see more your character.

Do not be afraid to pause when being asked a question

Introverts can happily be in their own personal space for long periods,. Of course, it is not worth taking a seat on an interview and not saying anything, but its really important to actively engage in the interview and when you need to think and pause, then feel free to do so. The interviewer does not expect you to answer immediately. Silence may appear to be embarrassing, but if you give a thoughtful answer, you will win.

Listen carefully

Ability to listen is a great skill to work in a team. And, as a rule, introverts cope with it better than extrovert.. Listen to the interviewer. Ask for clarification questions if you not entirely sure. The more your interview will look like a friendly conversation, the better it is.

Come with some creative ideas

Numerous studies show that while extroverts are promoting their ideas, introverts focus on other people, they are accustomed to analysing others’ ideas, offering feedback and organising what others have conceived.

Your analytical skills are your key advantage.

Use your ability to analyse as your key advantage. Find a couple of useful skills that apply from day one to new places and think about how to talk about them in an interview. Introverts are not afraid to admit mistakes and tend to downplay their own achievements. Therefore, they are excellent team players. Nothing kills the fighting spirit of the team faster than the participant who does not recognise the error, not trusting others and not believing in the result.

Go for it!!

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