Prison Officer CV Example

In the competitive field of corrections, a well-crafted CV can make all the difference in securing your desired role as a prison officer. Follow this comprehensive guide to create a CV that stands out to recruiters and showcases your skills effectively.

1. Personal Profile

Your personal profile is the first impression recruiters will have of you. Keep it concise yet impactful, summarizing your experience, strengths, and career goals. Highlight your commitment to maintaining order, safety, and security within correctional facilities.

Example: “Dedicated and disciplined prison officer with 5+ years of experience ensuring the safety and rehabilitation of inmates. Proven track record in crisis management and conflict resolution. Seeking to contribute my skills in a challenging correctional environment.”

2. Key Skills

List key skills relevant to the role of a prison officer. Include both technical skills (e.g., knowledge of security procedures, firearms training) and soft skills (e.g., communication, teamwork, empathy).


Security and Emergency Procedures

Conflict Resolution

Inmate Rehabilitation

Surveillance Techniques

Crisis Management

Team Collaboration

3. Chronological Work History

Detail your work experience starting with the most recent job. For each position, include job titles, names of employers, dates of employment, and a brief description of your responsibilities and achievements. Focus on tasks relevant to the prison officer role.

Example: Prison Officer | XYZ Correctional Facility | March 2018 – Present

Conducted routine patrols and security checks to ensure the safety of inmates and staff.

Implemented disciplinary procedures and de-escalated conflicts among inmates effectively, reducing incidents by 30%.

4. Key Achievements

Highlight specific accomplishments that demonstrate your effectiveness as a prison officer. Quantify your achievements where possible to provide concrete evidence of your capabilities.


“Introduced a new inmate mentoring program, leading to a 20% decrease in recidivism rates among participants.”

5. Qualifications

List relevant qualifications such as certifications, licenses, and training courses. Include any specialized training in security, law enforcement, or corrections.


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Certified Corrections Officer (CCO)

First Aid and CPR Certification

6. Education

Outline your educational background, starting with your highest level of education. Include the name of the institution, dates attended, and degree or diploma earned.


Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice XYZ University, City, State Graduated: May 2017

7. Hobbies and Interests

Include a brief section on your hobbies and interests to provide a well-rounded view of yourself. Highlight activities that demonstrate qualities like teamwork, discipline, or leadership.


Hobbies: Martial Arts (Black Belt in Karate), Volunteer Work at Local Community Center

General CV Writing Advice

Formatting: Keep your CV format clean and professional with clear headings and bullet points for readability.

Length: Aim for a two-page CV unless you have extensive relevant experience.

Tailoring: Customize your CV for each application to highlight skills and experiences most relevant to the specific job.

Proofreading: Check for grammar and spelling errors to ensure your CV is polished and professional.


Crafting a compelling CV is crucial in the competitive job market, especially for roles like a prison officer. Consider seeking help from expert CV writers who understand what recruiters are looking for. Save time and ensure your CV shines by booking an appointment with expert CV writers at CVLondon today.

By following these steps and tips, you can create a standout prison officer CV that impresses recruiters and increases your chances of landing your dream job in corrections.

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