Tiler CV Example

In the competitive field of tiling, a well-crafted CV can make all the difference in securing your dream job. Follow this comprehensive guide to create an impressive tiler CV that stands out to recruiters and potential employers.

1. Personal Profile

Start your CV with a compelling personal profile that summarizes who you are professionally and what you can offer. This section should be concise yet impactful, highlighting your experience, key skills, and career goals in tiling.

Example: “Dedicated and skilled tiler with over 5 years of experience in residential and commercial projects. Proven expertise in ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiling, coupled with a commitment to delivering high-quality craftsmanship. Seeking to contribute my technical proficiency and attention to detail to a dynamic tiling team.”

2. Key Skills

List your key skills relevant to tiling. Include both technical skills (e.g., tile installation, grouting, waterproofing) and soft skills (e.g., attention to detail, time management, teamwork).


Tile cutting and shaping

Surface preparation

Precision measuring

Problem-solving skills

Customer service orientation

3. Chronological History

Provide a detailed work history in reverse chronological order. Include the names of companies you’ve worked for, your job titles, dates of employment, and a brief description of your responsibilities and achievements in each role.

Example: Tiler | XYZ Tiling Services | March 2018 – Present

Installed tiles in various residential projects, ensuring adherence to design specifications and timelines.

Managed tile inventory and supplies, optimizing costs by 15% annually.

Mentored and trained junior tilers, improving team efficiency by 20%.

4. Key Achievements

Highlight specific achievements that demonstrate your impact and skills as a tiler. Quantify your achievements whenever possible to provide concrete evidence of your capabilities.


“Completed a high-profile commercial tiling project ahead of schedule, resulting in a 95% client satisfaction rate.”

“Recognized for achieving zero defects in tiling work over a 12-month period, contributing to the company’s reputation for quality.”

5. Qualifications

Detail your relevant qualifications such as certifications, licenses, and any specialized training related to tiling. Mention professional memberships or affiliations that enhance your credibility as a tiler.


Certified Tiling Specialist (CTS)

OSHA Certified for Construction Safety

Member, National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA)

6. Education

List your educational background, starting with the most recent. Include any relevant coursework, diplomas, or degrees related to construction, tiling, or a related field.

Example: Diploma in Construction Technology | ABC Technical Institute | Graduated 2017

7. Hobbies

Include a section about your hobbies or interests that are relevant to tiling or demonstrate positive attributes like teamwork, creativity, or attention to detail.

Example: “Outside of work, I enjoy woodworking and DIY projects, which further enhances my understanding of materials and craftsmanship.”

General CV Writing Advice

Tailor your CV: Customize your CV for each job application to highlight the most relevant skills and experiences.

Use action verbs: Start bullet points with strong action verbs (e.g., managed, achieved, implemented) to showcase your accomplishments.

Keep it concise: Aim for a CV length of 1-2 pages, focusing on the most relevant information.

Proofread: Check for grammar and spelling errors to ensure a polished final document.

Conclusion: Why Choose an Expert CV Writer?

Writing a compelling CV requires time, skill, and an understanding of what recruiters and employers are looking for. An expert CV writer can save you time and ensure your CV effectively communicates your strengths and achievements.

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