What to do When Your Mind Goes Blank in a Job Interview

What to do when your mind goes blank in a job interview

It’s perfectly common for the people in interview to freeze or for the minds to go blank mid-flow in a critical point of a job interview. We are going to show you some simple and practical tips on how to reduce the chances of this happening to you.


If You Fail to Plan, then You Plan to Fail

Practice, practice and practice! Interviews at any level of employment is vitally important, and it’s imperative for you to prepare before your interview takes place. It’s always a good idea to undergo some kind of interview coaching and training.


Study the Company

This is absolutely key, researching the company and the sector beforehand is most certainly going to help you learn about any key facts, figures, situations and people that you need to know about. Don’t go too crazy as there may too much to learn, but try and get an overview of what you need to generally know, so that you are not caught out with any tricky questions.


Get Interview Coaching

Hiring an interview coach is a great thing that you can do. With their knowledge and expertise, they can confidently navigate and advise you on how to answer questions in a job interview. They will also advise you on what questions to expect to come up. This will certainly boost your confidence and certainly reduce the chances of your mind going blank as you would have prepared your answers. They will be able to help you answer questions that can be easy, complex and competency based in their origin.

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