Why Cover Letters are Important

A cover letter that comes along with your CV is more than just a courtesy or formality. Through a cover letter, you get an opportunity to impress the employer. Even when you look around the current market, you don’t find much opportunity to astonish an employer.

Now you can get into their attention immediately through a cover letter. Consider a cover letter as an important component in your job search. With a cover letter, you can show the following aspect of yours to the reader;

Offer Immediate Value:

Your first impression of an interviewer is the last impression, and it counts the most. A compelling and concise cover letter can help you compete smartly. It can also make the interviewer consider you even among the toughest competition.

Now, all you need is to sell yourself as a product in your cover letter. How? Well, start by emphasizing your major strengths and skills. It will grab your interviewer’s attention immediately and increase your chances of getting selected in the recruiting process.

Unique Fit

Indeed, a cover letter is a crucial way to showcase your uniqueness, experience, and skills according to the job description and company’s requirements. It’s like a perfect chance to build a clear link between your abilities, knowledge, and experience according to the employer’s needs.

Show Your Personality

The usage of words in your cover letter can prompt your personality in a better way. Hence, you cannot express your overall personality in your resume. Your tone in the letter gives a significant insight into your nature to the employer.

With a proper insight into your personality, an employer would have a better idea of the values you would add to their team. You can explain in your words why you’re the most suitable person for the job.

Show Your Enthusiasm

A customized and compelling cover letter expresses your sincerity towards the job. So, take some time to do relevant research about the company and employer and understand their requirements. It’s an opportunity for you to express your enthusiastic nature and demonstrate the value you can add to the company.


CV writing and cover letters go synonymous. Even after years, the main purpose of a cover letter will never change. The digital transformation would still require you to communicate through a cover letter and show your genuine interest in the job opportunity.

So, customize your letter; don’t just copy and paste any template. Because it works as a personal introduction for an employer and allows you to summarize your skills, experience, abilities, talent, and knowledge briefly.

Final Take Away

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