10 Best Pieces of Advice on How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

A good LinkedIN profile is a powerful tool for business development and promotion of a personal brand. The best accounts of sales managers on LinkedIN bring their owners and companies in which they work huge profits. How to create a good LinkedIN profile for your business, correctly describe key information and attract the people you need?

Be open to people

To increase the number of contacts in your LinkedIn profile, the very first thing you should do is to establish contacts with people from business areas that interest you. Looking for the right person with whom you want to contact may take quite a lot of time, instead try to increase your network of contacts. Even if you have found a person who once worked in the company you are interested in – contact him, in the future this will definitely bring results. Remember the idea of ​​six handshakes – each person is familiar with the other through a maximum of six levels of mutual friends.

Think over your target audience.

LinkedIN automatically selects people who may be familiar to you or potentially interesting. The business network algorithm creates suggestions based on your previous contacts, locations, companies in which you worked and your search data. So, if you live in London, but want to expand your dating network in Spain, do not add your colleagues and acquaintances at the beginning, connect with someone from Barcelona – this will bring much better results.

Your profile must be active.

Remind your friends about your existence, ideally – at least 3 times a week. What can you do for this? Update status using the following tricks:

ask questions and write your suggestions;
Share articles or cases from your website;
use “catchy” pictures;
mark people and companies in your posts

Do not use incognito too often.

LinkedIn actively advertises a premium account with wonderful opportunities to connect with people and view accounts anonymously. Premium account is great, it offers a lot of useful things, but do not hide your profile if you decide to increase the number of contacts on the page. When you visit someone’s page, show people that you were there – be noticed.

Show interest

When the contacts you need are already established, say among your contacts there is already a sufficient number of investors, potential business partners, buyers, just being among their contacts is not enough. Show your interest – like their updates, comment on statuses.

Qualitatively complete the block with experience

The “Experience” block is very important – people most often look through it. Try to fill this block with important information as much as possible – describe not only where and by whom you worked, but also what your responsibilities were and what results you achieved. Attach media files if available. Imagine that this is your personal presentation, make sure that it looks attractive.

Make sure your headline doesn’t look like the rest

Think about why you should be noticed among 100+ invitations or friends in the list? Go creatively to your description in the main line under the name, do not make a copy-paste of hackneyed words.

Block Summary is not a place to advertise

As soon as you add a business proposal or phrases like “We offer …”, “We make life easier …” to the Summary block (Key information), you can forget about the high interest in your profile. LinkedIn is already overloaded with “Excellent” business offers and solutions, so you will become just one of those hundreds of thousands of identical accounts. Write a real description of your activity – explain why you are special simply, and do not bother people with excessive officialdom.

Skills are what stand out

Are you sure that using Microsoft Word is something you are proud of? Bet on your specialization – try to write up to 10 skills that would demonstrate competence in your field. Stay in trend – think about what skills really can impress people.

Contacts matter!

Be sure to fill out all contact information and provide personal contact details. So that when someone writes you, the standard message “Welcome to our company, please wait (1 hour) online, our assistant will contact you” (while the message was addressed to the Head of Sales Department) did not come to him. . This is very annoying. Do not be afraid to leave a personal phone number or email, you will not be bored by so many people.

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