2 Behaviour Strategies to Succeed in Getting the Job of Your Dreams

It is useful to know what the company representative is expecting to hear when interviewing a candidate for a post. Your answers will help him decide on your recruitment. So, why don’t you study some useful strategies which are going to help you?

Think about the reasons why HR manager asks you the following questions

While carrying out a job interview, HR-manager puts forward a lot of interesting questions. Some of them are simple whereas others are intended to reveal your hidden personality traits. If you understand the second layer and predetermined meaning of them, you will face no difficulties in answering questions in a right manner. Actually, the employer tries to ask themselves the following issues:

Will this person become an effective representative of our company?
Will they look professional and serious?
Will it be easy to get in touch with people, place customers, make them aspiring to work with us?
Can this person perform this work? Does he have the appropriate experience and knowledge?
Would I like to work with this person?
Will he get along with the rest of the staff?
To which extent do they want to get this job?
Will he work for us long enough to bring real benefits?
Is this person able to take responsibility for our organization?
Can they become an example for the rest of the staff?
Is this person able to cope with a stressful situation?
How would they behave in difficult circumstances?

What to do during the job interview

  • Schedule your time to come to the company 10-15 minutes before the interview.
  • A smile and a confident handshake will be a great start to your acquaintance with a company representative.
  • Ask the interviewer questions to find out all the incomprehensible aspects of the post.
  • Remember that issues such as salary and other rewards are usually discussed after the official invitation to work.
  • Show that you want to get this job. If you have been offered a job, meet him with enthusiasm.
  • Do not try to inquire at the interviewee what he thinks about you.
  • Do not put pressure on the company representative to make a decision as soon as possible.
  • When discussing previous jobs, do not criticize your former boss and colleagues.
  • Do not discuss your personal and financial problems unless specifically requested by you.
  • Do not be afraid to sell yourself. It is not necessary to be aggressive, however, it is necessary to convince the company representative that you are the exact person who needs this work.

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