3 Amazing Key Ways to Talk About Your Key Achievements

The achievements of the candidate in the previous work are an important touch to his portrait, and HR almost always asks the applicant to share his accomplishments. How to make self-presentation not turning the conversation into simple boasting?

When you could talk about achievements

We have not only been taught not only to co-presentations, but also since childhood, that “to boast is bad!”. And here a person, getting into a situation when it is necessary to talk about themselves to employers, partners or clients, suddenly realizes that he does not know what achievements he can be proud of and how to formulate them. In situations where no-one has ever seen your business, you will be evaluated by words, and sometimes those who talk better than those who actually worked productively receive work.

In the CV it is worthwhile to indicate only those achievements that may be of interest to the employer. For example, if you worked as an accountant and HR inspector (as it happens in small companies), then, changing your work to accounting, focus on the achievements in accounting. If you want to pursue a career in HR – think about what you have done to the company in the area of ​​HR management.

At the interview include networkings, self-representations and other situations when it is required to present things in words.

As the format of CV is a bit limited, if you want to convey more information to the employer, specify it in a cover letter or make a presentation, where in a colorful form, describe your results in more detail.

What to include in achievements

It depends on the nature of your activity. For example, for a sales manager, the size of transactions, the level and number of new customers will be significant. For the shop manager – information about the average check and the turnover achieved.

If your work is not related to quantitative indicators, use qualitative ones. For example, the editor-in-chief may consider it an achievement that no issue of news or newspaper number was late to the exit. If you are a young specialist, tell about successful student projects, victories in contests.

Alternatively, compare your experience with the requirements of employers. Match points and need to be included in the resume. For example, if in a vacancy: “Experience with a large amount of information is required”, the summary may be: “Developed a reporting system for tracking orders and sales of goods, which allowed to systematize work with documents and reduce the time to process the order by 2 times.”

Use the “what’s done – the result” scheme

Show the employer that you are interested in developing his business, since in his previous experience not only went to work from a call to a call, but, by virtue of his authority, made a possible contribution to the achievement of business results.

The story is better to build on a clear plan: from the problem – to the decision.
    The essence of the problem.
    What were your means?
    Which way did you choose?
    What was on the way?

So the story will not look like an empty self-promotion. In addition, there will be a reason to glitter with professional knowledge in the interview, and if you mention the contribution of colleagues, then also show yourself as a person who can work in a team.

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