3 Brilliant Facts You Must Include When Writing Your CV

While any employer dreams of accepting into his team a competent, productive and loyal employee, every applicant wants to get into the hands of a reliable, understanding and modern employer. So what can you do to prepare really eye-catching CV?

What did your company do?

The purpose of the CV is to give maximum information about the professionalism, experience and success of the candidate. Therefore, there should be as many details as possible in it. It is not enough to write that you worked as a manager. Be sure to indicate exactly what you are selling, for instance, products, services or equipment. So, writing that you worked in a widely known company in the narrow circle, do not forget to add a kind of its activities.

What exactly did you do and what did you achieve?

In the section about experience it is necessary to specify not only the years and the company in which you worked, but also the position and responsibilities that you performed. There are few common standard words and expressions here. The more specific and brilliant it is in what you directly engage in, and what has been achieved, the more attention it attracts.

It is not enough, for example, simply to indicate that you worked with documents. Be sure to decode – with what, in which programs, etc. If you are a technical specialist, then specify all the access that you have; if you are a representative of a creative specialty, then do not forget to give a link to the portfolio. Sales managers should indicate which group of products they worked and what sales volumes were achieved. But accountants should not forget that they also performed duties, for example, a financial manager or a human resources officer.

Anything else?

There are others, in the opinion of the applicant, “trifles”, which should be mentioned about. The summary of this will not be much more, but the benefits to the candidate will be added.

If you are looking for work with a specific schedule (five days, 2/2, evening or remote work), specify this.

The section with professional skills is not about everything you know. It is necessary to describe those knowledge and skills that meet the requirements of the vacancy, or unique ones.

If you are an active Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn user, and your page can introduce you to the employer in the best light, feel free to add a link to it in your CV.

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