3 of The Strangest Job Interview Questions You May Encounter

It would be great if all the questions of the HR-managers on interviews have been limited by experience and skills. But companies are looking not only for the employee, but also for the person close to the spirit. This also forces the recruiters to ask you numerous questions about the shortcomings, plans for the next 5 years, the ability to get out of difficult situations, etc.

“Why should we choose you among other candidates?”

Most often you have no idea about other contenders. As well, during 20 minutes you have been talking about all your achievements, merits, experiences and skills.

Smart answers

     “You are looking for someone who can do this and that. It was exactly the tasks I solved in the previous workplace. Therefore, I think that I am a good candidate. “
     “If I understood correctly, then your main goal in the short term is the following one. I have a pretty good idea of what you need and what you are trying to achieve. “

“What is your biggest disadvantage?”

There are disadvantages and weaknesses for everyone, but they do not always talk about how a person works and how he achieves his goals. So why do they care for recruiters? It’s simple: they try to identify potential problems, such as inability to work in a team or lack of punctuality.

“But who will say this at the first meeting,” – you think and begin to talk about perfectionism, and other shortcomings that can be perceived as merits.

Smart answers

 “I need to practice in the stated tasks. Although I did a lot of similar ones, but I would really like to know more when it comes to the deal. “
    “I think that learning is interesting, but I may not be very good at this activity, and I try to give it not so much time, so I can continue to learn more about it”
    “I often focused on my weaknesses until I realized that there will always be many things in which I will never become better. Now I spend my time on what I’m interested in and what I already know how to do and like to do.”

“How would your former executive describe you?”

The first thought that comes to mind is that you cannot put yourself in the position of another person and express his opinion. But the purpose of this question is precisely to find out if you can assess yourself from the outside and, if necessary, adjust your professional behavior.

Smart answers

“Being a person who always brings the matter to the end, I think he was pleased with my work. With different opinions, he listened to my ideas. “
    “He found me to be a team player who, if necessary, could show initiative and act independently.”
    “At the previous place of work, each of us personally was responsible for the transaction from the first contact and until the completion. Some were lost from such autonomy, but I, on the contrary, liked it, and my supervisor could say that I am a responsible and capable single player. “

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