3 Things You Shouldn’t Mention On Your CV

To write a good resume is pretty easy if you have professional merits, experience and education. But even if you do not have any basic data, you do not need to turn CV into an information dump. At least these three things are strongly recommended to remove.


If there is no requirement for an autobiography in the job description where you want to send a CV, there is no necessity to add it to your official document. Just believe, the HR-manager is not willing to read where you grew up, which school you attended and whom you were in love with in the fifth form. You might tell all information of such kind during the job interview, if you want. But you do not need to write essays in a CV if you are not asked for it.

Family status

Even if you have been twice in divorce, and have three children, it is not worth writing about it in the CV. Moreover, the employer hopes to see information about you to see your professional skills, but not about the personal life.

Another question is if you, for example, are looking for a nanny job. Then you can mention that you have raised two children and four grandchildren, but even in this case, it is not worth paying attention to this.

Language fluency mentioning in case you do not know some vocabulary

You do not need to mention knowledge of foreign languages if your fluency is limited by such standard phrases as “Good afternoon and goodbye” level. Seriously, how will this help you to communicate at the job place, in the written conversation or during crucially important negotiations when you have to use language to prove your point of view and protect the interests of your company?

But if you, for example, are in the process of studying, do a tutoring, go to courses or learn the language on your own, why don’t you mention it? In such a way the employer will understand that you have a perspective and you strive for new knowledge.

Actually, writing a CV is incredibly important. If your document is little in size, they will not pay attention to CV. At the same time, if you write a lot, nobody will have desire to read. Therefore, it is important to write about the most necessary things.

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