4 Key Common Interview Questions That You Must Know How to Answer

Specialists in recruitment really often ask applicants about what would seem to have nothing to do with their future work. In this case, the answer to such a question can often depend on whether you are hired.

How do you see yourself in 3-10 years?

In fact: Perhaps this is the most traditional question, which, however, harbors several nuances. Being a careerist is not always a successful step to a job offer. If you go to a position where only horizontal growth is possible a priori, you should not focus on your professional ambitions. Not everyone needs leaders, and look at yourself soberly from the outside: if you really believe in what you are talking about, then maybe you should not consider this particular position? Think, analyze, be honest with yourself and your employer, but do not forget about the healthy amount of cunning.

Why should we hire you?

The question unequivocally baffles, if asked after you have already conducted a self-presentation in the most detailed manner. That’s the calculation. You must have several reasons not so much professional as psychological. It is at this moment that you can be smart and show those personality traits that are not displayed in the CV. For example, one of our candidates was successful when he answered: “Because I am dressed in the corporate colors of your company” or another answer: “I am a master of sports in hockey and I can lead your corporate hockey team to the top.”

Tell us about your hobbies

The question bewilders people who do not have any obvious hobbies. Is reading, traveling or culinary exploits in the kitchen worthy of a hobby that you are not ashamed to share with your employer? To speak confidently about your hobby, you need to study well the company, its values, philosophy and views of the leaders. Otherwise, you can get into an awkward situation, for example, in bright colors describing the hunt, as his hobby, Greenpeace interviewer.

Why do you want to work with us?

If you really dream about this work, then you will not be difficult to show your interest, prospects and loyalty. But anything can happen in life: sometimes a candidate loses self-confidence because of a series of failures or any work is urgently needed, the main motivator is compensation, which is not supposed to be talked about. In this case, get ready for an interview! It is a good idea to make inquiries about the company in advance and feel free to talk about its strengths that are of interest to you.

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