5 Best Topics to Rise During Job Interview to Show Your Interested in The Role

To determine your interest and motivation, the interviewer has a series of questions prepared: “Why do you want to work with us?”, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. All of them are related to certain criteria of an ideal candidate. Let’s take a closer look at them so that you know what the interviewer wants to see you and what you need to be prepared for.

Show sincere interest towards the company

It is not necessary to have all the information about the company, it is enough to know about the main directions of activity, significant successes provided by the services or products produced. Your interest in the company is a significant factor. Explain to the potential employer why you want to work with him. Demonstrate to the HR-manager that while working in his company you will be able to show yourself that you like the vector of company development, and you want to find yourself here.

Ask about the work processes

You are a professional of your business, you know what to do and how. So, tell about it on an interview. Such topics usually show how well you understand your future responsibilities and how much you might be satisfied with the work. Certainly, this is directly related to the motivation. Tell about your successes at similar positions, how you have coped with the difficulties. Specify the important nuances of the interviewer, and then there will not be “white spots” in your future work day. If you do everything – say about it, you will show your interest and desire to do your job. Initiative staff are valued much more.

Talk About Your Career Expectations

If you know well what you will do and where, then you must know and what to strive for. Tell that you want to increase your experience and skills, to cope with complex tasks more effectively. If you are interested in vertical career growth – do not hide it. Say that you would like to gradually climb the career ladder. Your desires and opportunities of the company should coincide – only this will result in productive cooperation.

Salary Negotiations

It doesn’t matter how much the candidate wants to work precisely in this company, and strives to raise his own level. Still, material encouragement is a very important factor for motivation. You need to know what the employer can offer you. Most likely, he will not hide the salary in the announcement of the vacancy, but if this happens, you should know the average salary in this area in your region.

Long-term relationships

The employer is interested in long-term cooperation with a good employee. Prepare questions about the company as a whole and about your position in particular. An employee who will be satisfied with most answers will most likely stay with the company for a long time and will be happy to carry out their duties.


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