5 Great Things You Can Do When You Start Your New Job

Starting a new job can be both very much exciting and daunting; it’s always about setting a good example and positive impression of whom you are. In this period, the key thing is to have a positive spirit and ‘can do’ attitude towards your new role by getting involved and by being very observant to your new surroundings, working routine and environment.

Aim To Make a Positive Contribution and Be of Service.

This is the most important issue. Why are you in this role? What do key stakeholders expect from you and what are the deadlines? Trying to find answers, keep in mind that this may not be exactly what was announced during the interview. The job role has the potential to change with the development of events, and therefore you will learn more.

Remember also that there are many internal and external stakeholders other than your direct Manager may have different views on what constitutes the concept of success and progress. So, it’s important to understand and carefully manage clear expectations so that you can agree and, if possible, liaise with them as much as possible.

Behave with a Great Level of Professionalism in Your New Role.

Once you have been hired, don’t change the culture of a new organization, you must understand and adhere to its ways of working, culture and ethos. By breaking the key rules of behaviour, you act at your own risk. This can lead to isolation and, ultimately, job dissatisfaction. In an effort to understand the key rules, remember that in different organisations this can vary significantly.

Seek Support in the Workplace.

Your success is likely to depend on people that you have closely collaborated with, and therefore, you need to create strong and lasting alliances. To begin, try to understand the social hierarchy of the new organisation and learn how to navigate it strategically. Usually it applies not only to building relationships. You need to understand what others are trying to achieve and how you can help them also. Mutuality is the strongest basis for the acquisition of allies, be of the mind-set to help others achieve, so that they may help you to also achieve.

Quickly Gain Credibility & Respect With Your New Colleagues.

Being a pivotal individual in the success of an organisation during challenging times, tend to empower people with energy, creating a sense of momentum and enthusiasm. In addition, they strengthen your authority and influence, accelerate learning and give you the right to make more profound decisions within the business. It is necessary to identify the most promising ways to provide a quick positive impact on the company, and then organise it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Push Your Career Comfort Zone With Your Skills and Abilities.

The skills and abilities that led you to this jump in your career may not be the ones that are needed in the new job position. You have to succeed in your new job without having to fall into the trap of a comfort zone. To become fully effective and reach your potential, you will most definitely have to step outside of your comfort zone by using your existing skills whilst carving out some hidden skills and abilities that you didn’t know you even had. This can be stretching for many of us but at the same time very rewarding.

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