5 Most Common Job Interview Questions That You Need to Prepare For

Sometimes it seems that there is no need to prepare for an interview. Purpose is noble, talks are pleasant, and questions are easy. However, they are easy only at first glance – most of them have a hidden meaning.

Tell us about yourself / How would you describe yourself?

Have you got the opportunity to talk about yourself? Great! But wait a second. This may be a trap. When answering a cunning question about yourself, consider the following:

This is not an invitation to boast of everything that you have ever done in a professional or personal area. Trying to look too cool, you may seem arrogant.
During the interview, the interviewer is not interested in how delicious your grandmother is preparing, or the success of your pets. Speak more about professional life.

Do not use widespread phrases such as “I am a sociable person” or “I am a team player.”

When HR-manager asks “Tell me about yourself,” they want to hear “What makes you the best for this job?”

What are your weaknesses ?

It is great when you are asked about the merits because it is a green light that gives you the right to praise yourself. But remember that this issue will be followed by a question of deficiencies. If you are not careful, the answers can put you in a negative light.

Perhaps you are struggling with non-punctuality or you really do not like to work in team projects. While being interviewed it is better not to talk about it. Do not highlight deficiencies that may deprive you of work before it is received.

Why do you want to quit / leave your current job?

If you are looking for a new job without having to leave the old one, this is a sign that you do not like something in it. When answering a question, you need to be very diplomatic. This question is not about where you were, but about where you want to move on. Therefore, avoid any responses that blur your current job or colleagues. Better tell that in the previous post you have reached all heights and are ready to develop.

Tell me how you managed a difficult or stressful situation

Most likely, you made mistakes, faced with uncomfortable, difficult and, possibly, even dangerous situations at work. The way you deal with them says a lot about you as a person and employee. The key to answering this difficult question is simple: talk about a situation that was not your direct mistake. Remember the moment when some external forces, such as weather or customers, have created a stressful situation. Have you fixed everything? Have you made a decision that made everyone happy? Tell me. This is your chance to show that you have problem-solving skills.

Why do you want to work for us?

There may be a thousand reasons why you want to work in a company in which you are currently interviewing. Perhaps this is a development, an attractive salary, benefits, or even the image of a potential employer. However, you should not say that you are only motivated by money or prestige.


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