5 Really Simple and Amazing Topics to Talk About When You’re in a Job Interview

In order to determine your keen interest and motivation for the role you are interviewing for, it’s really important to remember that the Interviewer has a number of key interview questions prepared for you: These may come in the form of… “Why do you want to work with us?”, “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?”, etc. All of these questions are related to certain criteria of an ideal candidate that they are looking for. So let’s take a closer look some of these questions, so that you are better equipped and prepared, so that you know what to expect.

A Genuine Sincere Interest Towards Joining the Company.

It is not essential to know every single fine detail of the information about the company, but it is certainly recommended to understand generally what the company is about, how long it has been running, the key leaders of the business and what products and services it offers. Your interest in the company is a significant factor. Explain to the potential employer why you want to work for them and become part of their team. It’s important to demonstrate to the HR Manager that while working for the company, you will be able to prove your potential and development within the business for the long-term.

Make Sure That You Clearly Understanding the Job Description.

You are a professional within your industry sector, so this is your time to shine and to put your put your best foot forward. Knowing the job description clearly shows to the employer how well you understand your future role and it’s responsibilities. This is most certainly the time to talk about your successes and key achievements to clearly demonstrate your key competencies using a wide variety of key skills, strengths and abilities. From a preparation stand point, knowing and understanding the job description is a great help so that you can now pretty much the interview questions that will come up. This shows a great level of initiative and employers absolutely love that.

Set Clear Career Expectations

It’s really important from the get go, to explain to your potential new employer what your career aspirations are, this way, both yourself and the employer can manage expectations and sing from the same hymn sheet. Feel free to explain that you want to increase your skills and experience within a professional environment by capturing the opportunity to grow. If you are interested in career growth, be confident to show it, do hide it, and whilst at the same time remaining humble and not threatening. Say that you would like to gradually climb the career ladder and that you are very much excited to get involved with the business and add value.

Effectively Negotiate Your Salary

Negotiating salary can sometimes be a tricky one. At times, salaries are not advertised on roles and at times, they are. The general rule of thumb is to wait for the employer to raise the topic of salaries and remuneration. If you are going through an agency, they tend to negotiate on your behalf, but if you don’t, it’s best to wait for the employer to raise the topic of salary. Having a decent salary is important for most people, and its OK to negotiate. Try and go above the average salary by around 15%, this will give you room for negotiation to strike a fair deal.

Aim to Build Strong Long-term Working Relationships

The employer is interested in long-term cooperation with a good and committed employee. Ensure that you take the time to carefully prepare questions about the company, so that this too can give you the chance to interview and find out more about the company. As a potential employee, if you are at peace with the answers given from the interviewer, you are more likely to build a solid and long-term professional relationship.

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