5 Sad Reasons Why Your CV Isn’t Getting You Interviews

Dozens of cover letters with your CV remain unanswered. So what is the reason for this? Actually, there are five key reasons why this sometimes happens. You should be aware of these statements and improve your approach.

1. The content of the CV does not meet the requirements of the vacancy

Just imagine. You have put so much in your CV, described your experience in detail, mentioned stress tolerance and fast learning, boasted with implemented projects, and the level of ownership of the programs. Now, it is time to review your CV with a critical look of the recruiter. Does the title and the content meets the needs of the position you are applying for?

2. Your letter looks unconvincing

If you send a great deal of CVs and cover letters but get no answer in response, their content is likely to be too general, and any HR wants to see not only the interest in the job, but also the real reasons in favor of giving it to you. Therefore, as much as possible, individualize the response to this vacancy.

3. Your skills do not meet the requirements of the vacancy

In case you send a CV purposefully, but for an interview you are still not invited, read the text of the vacancy again. Perhaps you did not fulfill any of the special conditions, missed the mention of the test, codeword or test job. Or overestimated your opportunities and your skills are not exactly what the employer is looking for. By the way, concerning the skills, check if you are good enough to present them in your resume.

4. You have someone ahead of you

You are a good match, but someone just sent a CV earlier and, unfortunately, he appeared to be successful candidacy. This is also the case when not everything depends on you. Though, if the recruiter is polite enough to inform you that the job position has already been closed and the necessary person is found, ask him to save your CV. After all, the beginner still needs to go through the trial period.

5. They are going to answer you, but they haven’t had time

During a recruiting campaign, employers receive so many letters and CV that sometimes they just do not have the time to answer everyone. Some recruiting campaigns may last up to three weeks. Do not despair and wait a bit longer, be patient. 

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