5 Top Things Job Seekers Are Afraid of at Job Interviews

Often, before the interview, as well as before another important and crucial event, we feel anxiety, and sometimes fear. Why is this happening, and how to deal with it? Any negative emotions make us act carelessly and thoughtlessly, negating the efforts and preparation.

Fear of evaluation

Often candidates are afraid to get a shortcut from the interviewer, i.e. to be evaluated. One gets the feeling that this is what you are going to do – find out the winner you or the loser. We have been confronted with something like this all our lives, and one should not be afraid that this assessment of the employer will remain with you forever. It is necessary to take into account the degree of competence of the interviewer and the fact that the selection of personnel takes into account many factors. If you don’t come for any reason, it doesn’t mean that you are so bad. Evaluate the interview as a search for points of contact between you and the employer. The person does not stand still, and if the employer is not satisfied with certain professional skills – remember that everything is ahead and in your hands.

Lack of trust

Many applicants are afraid that they will be misjudged by a personnel manager, that this company representative will not be able to correctly understand your professional qualities, and all your experience and efforts will be in vain. Of course, an HR manager cannot be an expert in all areas. His task is to find a candidate whose qualities coincide with the principles of the company. If you feel that you have remained completely misunderstood, ask that the head of the department for which you expect to work evaluate. If nothing helps, then be calm – it means that this is simply not the kind of company in which you would be comfortable working.

Fear of uncomfortable questions

Some interviewers like to ask uncomfortable questions, puzzle questions, and even arrange stress interviews at the interview. All this not only causes the applicants irritation, but also fear, since it takes out of the comfort zone, and very few people want to face it. But these are just tests for quick-wittedness and self-control, which, moreover, are not so often practiced. Fear of getting into such a situation can only increase the likelihood of showing oneself from the best side. You should not take it as a challenge or a fight with the enemy. Be natural, this is just an element of the game that does not have critical consequences for your life.

Fear of the unknown

Uncertainty always scares a person. But being in a state of uncertainty is even worse. It is necessary to consider the interview not as a step into the abyss, but as an opportunity to find the answer. You may not know what specifically awaits you at the interview, but you can be sure that you will receive an answer. In addition, the interview often takes place according to the standard scheme, and with each new interview you will become more confident, and as a result this fear will go away by itself. So why not get rid of it now?

Fear of being rejected

No one likes to receive rejections, no matter in their professional activities or in their personal lives. But do not forget that not only the company selects an employee, but you choose a company. The decision should be mutual, and if you get a refusal, then this is another sign that you would simply not have taken root. It is necessary to tune in to the fact that in professional life failure is absolutely normal.

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