5 Ways on How to Positively Sell Your Skills and Experiences During a Job Interview


5 Ways on How to Positively Sell Your Skills and Experiences During a Job Interview.

An interview is where you represent all your skills and experience, and it should not be used as a way of showing off. Positive talk and expression matter a lot in an interview, and when it comes to portraying your skills and experience, you don’t need to boast or look desperate but composed and be yourself by convincing the interviewer. Below are basic tips on how to portray your skills and experience during an interview;

1. Express all your skills and knowledge to the interviewer

When you are before the interviewer, it is a chance for you to sell yourself; hence it is important to mention all of your industry skills and experience, especially when asked to do so. Make them relevant boldly but with politeness. Make a description of your previous work experience, duties and responsibilities making sure that it matches your resume.

2. Show your skills and experiences rather than telling

Showing here is through expressing with words how your skills are relevant to them. This should include the time you have spent at the previous work station and talk about your duties and responsibilities and most importantly your achievements. This is one way of showing you are capable of the job because of your competence which you have proved to the interviewer.

3. Incorporate yourself into their culture

Get to know the language of the company by knowing some terms and phrases they use in their company and try to create some relevance of knowledge with the job you are being interviewed for with your former, and this will generate interest by the interviewer about the similarities.

4. Ask innovative questions

When you ask creative questions, you create a difference between you and other candidates. Make sure your questions are relevant to the position you are being interviewed for and essentially touch on the company’s achievements.

5. Remain calm

An interview requires you to be comfortable and relaxed as you bring to the table your experiences. When you are calm and comfortable, the interviewer will have an easier time listening to you. Also, when you’re calm, you are more composed.

Portraying your skills and experience requires you do it the right way and the first expression at the interview matters a lot. It is crucial you portray good eye contact, a firm and correct handshake, and the right body posture.

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