6 Ways to Write an Excellent CV to Get Interviews

CV has even higher priority than any other official documents. So, under no circumstances could you ignore all the rules that must be followed here. Well, if you want to get to the top and receive the job of your dream, don’t be lazy and check if your CV conforms to the standards accepted in the UK.

Personal information allows to get in touch with you

The United Kingdom standards differ from other countries’ employment market rules. Particularly, all the CVs should include personal information; however, in the UK there is no need to write about marital status, number of children, or anything else that doesn’t refer directly to work. Usage of personal information in UK CV is explained by the necessity to contact you. So, don’t forget to start your CV with full name, address, email,  phone number and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Create a well-written and persuasive personal profile

Personal statement is one paragraph consisting of no more than four sentences. Officially, it is called ‘Professional Summary’. It shows your goals clearly and explains what you want to receive from the job. As well, personal profile is intended to show your understanding of your future role in the company.

Include information about the education, certifications and qualifications

If you are proud of your school accomplishments, this is time to talk about them. Diplomas, degrees, certificates, honors and awards might be enlisted in this part of your CV.

Don’t be afraid of too descriptive

According to the standards in the UK, CV has to include all the important information about your work experience at the previous job positions. Even if you are searching for job in IT but had been working as a waiter for a while, include it in the list. Actually, in the paragraph Professional Experience try to show which skills you have acquired there and what you have been responsible for.

Show your personal interests

A person whose range of interests is limited with only professional topics is not considered as the perfect applicant. So, if you apply for the position of Java developer but have amazing blog where you have shown how you have been helping animals, write about it. If you are interested in volunteering or tackle travels as the lifestyle, also don’t forget to mention it at the end of your CV.

British English is a must

Finally, the last but not the least is British spelling. While preparing CV, follow the standards of British English.

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