7 Bad Personal Traits That Drive Employers Up the Wall

When we come to an interview, we are trying our best to please the employer. Sometimes we even try too hard, causing the opposite reaction to the desired, and sometimes we just choose the wrong priorities, the wrong approach, or we forget about simple rules of behavior.


We often try to look better than we are. You can always embellish a little reality, but do not get carried away, because the interviewer will easily reveal your lies. Therefore, it should not be said that you like to stay up late at work, in the hope that you will not have to do this, or that you never get sick.


Being confident in your abilities and knowing your own worth is good if you don’t go too far. No need to communicate with the recruiter as if you have already been hired. Nobody likes arrogance.


If the interviewer is a young girl who has just recently graduated from the university, or just your same age, then this does not mean that you need to switch to “you” and act like you are old friends. You can joke several times to reduce the degree of tension, but remember that the interview is a formal meeting, respect your interlocutor.


Accuracy and attention to detail are needed in everything, not only in clothes. The candidate, who made inaccuracies in the names of former companies, incorrectly wrote the name of his specialty at the university, and the name of his former manager, who should give recommendations, accidentally wrote in small letters is unlikely to earn much trust.


The ability to achieve one’s own is good quality, but this does not mean that you need to call the interviewer daily to find out the results of the interview. It will be more like despair than perseverance.


An interview is an exciting event, but if you cannot clearly answer the questions, every minute you cross your legs, talk with them, regularly look at watches, etc., then you definitely will not make a good impression on the employer. Do not neglect the preparation for the interview, it will allow you to feel more confident.


An important characteristic of a candidate is his accomplishments, but it is not worth turning it into a usual boast. Do not miss this line, otherwise all your advantages will turn into one big minus.

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