7 Best Kept Secrets You Should Know Before Going to a Job Interview

You are hardworking, ambitious and smart. Your resume is perfected, recommendations and a cover letter are always at hand. But there is still no work. Perhaps you have not considered everything.

Be organized

Use the tagging for all emails related to job search, write down all the companies that you sent a resume, and all the people with whom you spoke. Keep these records, for example, in Excel. Mark the results there and write down the comments on each item, so you will always have a detailed map in your hands, you will know what to pull up, what to focus on, when the next meeting, etc.

Try to talk every day with at least three new people about your search. These may include company representatives, acquaintances, friends, friends of friends, former teachers from the university, etc. You never know where an offer can come from, and often it happens due to social activity and live recommendations. Also write down all the contacts and make notes, perhaps someone will need to call back and find out the results.

Do not be afraid to ask

Do not hesitate and do not be afraid to ask others for help. Often, people will go to meet you. Be as specific and accurate as possible in your requests and intentions. This is true if you ask a friend for advice, and if you ask a friend to arrange a meeting with his supervisor to offer them your services.

Do not send a CV for a job that you are not interested in.

We all do so often. It seems that by sending as many CVs as possible to different vacancies, even in the related field, work will be easier to find. In fact, you will spend both your time and company time. If the position does not really interest you, then you should not try to get it. Ask yourself a couple of questions. Do you really want this job? Does it work well for you? Be honest with yourself, correctly assess your strengths and goals.

Be honest

Lying in a CV and job interview is a very controversial question. But still it is better to be honest, not to lie about your weaknesses and strengths, experience and skills. And above all, you need to be honest with yourself.

Be observant

Interview is not a one-way game. Not only the employer should find out how a particular candidate is suitable for him. You also need to understand how the company and the position fit you. Listen carefully to the interviewer’s story about the company, the team, your position, and corporate culture. How does the interviewer treat you? How comfortable are you here?

An employee who is satisfied with the working conditions and principles of the company is almost an ideal employee, and the employer knows this. Therefore, do not forget to ask questions to the interviewer and to have an active dialogue. Both parties should be satisfied with the result.

Help others

The fact that all applicants in the labor market are competitors does not mean that you cannot cooperate. If you find a job that is more suitable for someone else – share with him. Help each other, and the search process is much simpler.


Even during an intense job search, you can learn a lot and learn a lot. Do not waste this time in vain. Increase your professionalism, hone personal qualities. In the end, it will be useful to you no matter what job you get.

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