7 Easy Ways on How to Interview The Interviewer Instead of Them Interviewing You


7 Easy Ways on How to Interview The Interviewer Instead of Them Interviewing You

Interviewing the interviewer looks strange to many candidates as many candidates even fear to ask those questions also when given that chance. It is advisable to be ready on both sides because the tables can be turned upside down and you’ll find yourself in such a compromising situation. Here are some of the ways to go about it;

1. Do research

Any vigorous research about the company will be of great help when it comes to interviewing your interviewer. Know about the company’s structural organisation, their core values, challenges they face and how they can be resolved. The data can be found on the company’s site or through the third party.

2. Prepare questions

Make sure that your questions are based on the information you have researched about the company. Pose a question that talks about their current advert or what they have recently implemented as a strategy to spearhead the company growth or stability.

3. Ask informational questions

Let your questions focus on information about the company and not what you see. When you ask questions that are based on their website shows that you have all the information about them and have a keen interest in the company and they will have a keen attention to your questions.

4. Avoid asking questions about financial benefits

When you ask a question about salary, vacation allowances and company benefits the interviewer will know you desire to help from the company materially without realising the company core values and stability. Such questions should be reserved for other time once you have been offered the job.

5. Be a good listener

Pay proper attention to answers given and seek clarification of the in-depth of the solutions if you are not satisfied with the answer. This will show them that you were keen on what they answered. Keep the conversations flowing by asking more questions?

6. Prepare to be asked questions

Prepare yourself psychologically for any question from the interviewer at any point of the interview, so it is essential to follow the whole process of the interview paying attention to the questions you ask and the answer you are given.

7. Keep up the conversation

Show a lot of interest in the interviewer by establishing a rapport with him because at some point there might arise a conversation slightly out of the main topic and you will have knowledge how to shift it back to the main issue.

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