7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence During Your Job Interview


7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence During Your Job Interview

Nothing beats confidence in any interview but achieving this confidence is the big issue. The question here is, how does the interviewer gauge your confidence in the interview session? Below are seven essential ways one can boost his/her courage during a job interview;

1. Positioning your body

In an interview, how you place your body is significant whether you are seated or standing and there are dos and don’ts during the whole process. For example, you need to stand or sit with your arms positioned by your sides rather than crossed, well composed and relaxed as if you occupy the whole space provided. This shows you are confident with what you are doing.

2. The eye contact

The eye contact is essential, and there is nothing that beats confidence than this when it comes any usual life apart from an interview, and it can’t go unnoticed especially during an interview. Good eye contact while listening and speaking judges your confidence.

3. Breathing technique

The way you control your breath during an interview speaks of your confidence too. A relaxed and mindful breathing technique helps your nerves to relax hence boosting your confidence

4. Avoid fidgeting

Staying calm with controlled movements will help curb nervousness. Avoid holding items like papers or pens in your hands, stop using gestures with your hands and legs only if you are becoming enthusiastic by explaining yourself.

5. Avoid an ugly face

Always try to smile as a smile is a sign of confidence and shows you are enjoying the interview process. A nasty face, on the other hand, shows you are nervous therefore smile to boost your confidence.

6. Practice speaking slowly

When you talk slowly, you give out correct answers without mistakes, and you gain confidence. When you rush with your solutions, there is a possibility of panic, and your confidence goes away. You are allowed to think, and when you take time with your response, it shows you are confident.

7. Prepare yourself with answers before an interview

Preparation helps to take away the pressure of thinking a lot, and you become sure of what you know. Do some practices and rehearsals with familiar people about interviews to boost your confidence.

Always keep in mind that arrogance is not confidence. Practice how to listen and then take your time to give the correct answer. Your answers should create a perfect bond between you and the interviewer and make the whole process entertaining by even interviewing them.

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