7 Key Things That May Trigger Stressful Situations

Sometimes the interviewer simulates a real combat situation, trying to get you out of balance. How to understand that this is just a game, what to expect, and how to withstand this battle?


You came to the interview at the appointed time, but it will not start in any way. You are standing in a corridor, in which there is nowhere to sit down, and the recruiter goes there and there as if without a cause and constantly asks for a little longer to wait.

In companies, people are rarely so unfriendly, therefore, most likely, you are checked for strength, watching the reaction. Exit for an ordinary employee – wait. If you are applying for a position that requires resolve, then it’s worth politely clarifying what the delay is and when exactly you can start a conversation. If the intervier cannot answer these questions, you can apologize and say that you cannot wait anymore. You will either appoint another time, or the interview will begin immediately.


It may take a long time to complete the tests and questionnaires. This employer can check your perseverance, perseverance and attitude to routine work. This can be complicated by the fact that there is no convenience in the room in which you are offered to fill out the paper.

Be sure to ask where you can sit. Be prepared for you to be able to rewrite the questionnaire, for example, referring to the illegible handwriting. Almost with full confidence, one can say that this is part of the performance.


Inconvenient chair, bright lamp, noisy cabinet – if you find yourself in a similar uncomfortable situation, feel free to say that. Your request, of course, can be rejected. In this case, you can say that you are sorry that it is impossible to change the situation, but you are ready to continue the conversation. Know your patience and self-esteem under observation.


The recruiter constantly interrupts you, changes topics, reproaches and generally behaves very unfriendly. Of course, there are just such people, but if the degree of hostility is very high, then be assured – this is a test.

Do not be angry, do not argue and do not justify it. Do not be surprised that the interviewer will comment negatively on your words: “What nonsense,” “It’s somehow weak,” “And you are proud of it?” And so on. Remember the possibility of a stressful interview and get involved in the game. Keep yourself in control, you can ask the interviewer to explain his point of view, but in no case do not get out of yourselves.

Personal questions

In order to surely knock you out of the ground from your feet and make you nervous, the recruiter can ask questions about personal life and even an intimate character.

Remember that the interviewer wants to see your reaction, and not to find out the details of your personal life. You can politely refuse to answer such questions as they have no relation to professional activity, and you can use a sense of humor. Having your own hands, you can find the answer even to the most awkward question.

Angry and kind

You can interview two interviewers at once, using the tactics that you could see in the movies – “good policeman” and “bad cop”. One interviewer will be very benevolent, and the other – on the contrary.

The main thing is not to be frightened and do not let yourself be confused. Concentrate on the meaning of questions, not on the form in which they are asked.


“What are you ready for this job?” – you just do not expect such a question. How to respond to this? Especially if the employer will immediately offer you several feats. For example, cut off long hair, repaint, sing, etc.

Of course, the employer is not interested in your singing, he is interested in whether you can tactically refuse and get out of the problem situation. By agreeing to its terms, you will prove yourself to be too complacent and desperate.

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