8 Key Things to Take With You to The Job Interview

The first meeting with the employer is the first step towards obtaining the desired post, so it is important to approach it with all seriousness.

CV is the must. Yes, of course, you have already sent your CV to the recruiter by e-mail. But besides you, he has several dozen CVs, and at least a dozen he has appointed an interview for today. Therefore, have your CV with you. Moreover, take it in several copies, because interviews can be conducted by several people at the same time. In addition, after a successful interview with a recruiter, you can immediately go to an interview with a direct supervisor. In order for you to show the next interviewer, have the second and third copy of the resume. Even if you don’t consider this step as serious one, just do it.

Portfolio is an indispensable attribute for creative specialties: designer, photographer, journalist, etc. But this does not apply to those specialties whose work is difficult to present. For example, a programmer can not bring with him the code that he wrote, but he can specify links to the sites that he programmed.

Recommendations. If you already have experience, then you may have written recommendations with a stamp, a signature, on a letterhead. It will immediately add points to your personal account during an interview.

Passport. It will be required not during the interview, but at the entrance to the office building.

Take a work book with you, if it is not at the employer’s disposal. A fairly small percentage of recruiters pay attention to a work book during an interview (rather, this is an attribute that is required when applying for a job), but nonetheless, there is a certain pool of conservatives who would like to look at it.

Diploma of higher education. It is possible that you will be asked to remove a copy of it, this is normal and does not work against you. This is a confirmation that you really have higher education in the university you indicated in the resume.

Notebook and pen. The notebook should include the name, surname and contact information of the recruiter you will be interviewing with, as well as the address where you will be required to go.

It will not be superfluous to take a city map to quickly find an employer to which you go for an interview.

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