9 Phrases You Should Avoid at a Job Interview

It’s nice to get an interview invitation, but remember that this is just one of the steps. An employer can invite a lot of candidates to an interview. It is very important not to make mistakes that will throw you at the end of the queue.

Here are 9 phrases that prevent you from getting a job.

What bonuses do you offer?

Ask about the benefits that you will receive only after hiring. Or wait until the employer tells you about them. For example, if you are dressed in a clothing store, do not ask if you will get a discount on the goods and which one.

What is your company doing?

Strangely enough, HR managers hear this question very often. Before you go for an interview, try to find out about the company as much as possible, think what exactly you can offer it as an employee.

My former boss was really bad

Complaints about the previous work will show you the very bad side. Even if it is true, you will look like a person who is constantly dissatisfied and complains about everything. Nobody likes to work with such. It is better to talk about the problems that you encountered in the work and with which you successfully coped.

I like your hairstyle

Do not tell the interviewer the compliments about his appearance – it’s inappropriate and will look strange. Compliments are good, but they should be directed towards professional activities. For example, you can praise some recent success of the company.

Radicals just kills me!

Never complain about your health. There was a case that the candidate complained of a headache because he was going out very well yesterday. Needless to say, he did not get a job.

I was fired from my previous job

You should never lie on an interview, but there are other ways to say that you were fired from your previous job. “We had different views with the boss on how our department should work, and I realized that I would bring more benefits to another company, such as yours.” Focus on the experience you have gained and which will be useful for the new post.

I just need a job, any job

It really can be that, but despair does not attract anyone. The employer wants to know that you need exactly this job and that you are approaching it.

I do not know

Do not even say this even if you really do not know the answer to the interviewer’s question. Try to say: “I’ll clarify and let you know later.” If this is a complicated hypothetical question like “How many football balls are needed to fill this room?” – the answer should show the course of your thoughts. Think aloud: “First you need to calculate the area of ​​the room, then subtract the area of ​​the furniture …”. And so on.

My biggest drawback is that I work too hard

Any HR manager knows this phrase perfectly. And he knows that this is a lie. How to answer the question about your biggest drawback? Select something that is not directly related to the position you are applying for. One can say: “I feel embarrassed when I speak to the public. But in the last job I practiced often, and this problem is practically absent. “

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