Building a Positive Mindset Before a Job Interview

Understanding the unique characteristics that differentiates you from others is very important before facing an interviewing panel. This creates a sense of self-awareness in preparation for an interview which is a step in having a successful interview. An interviewee can, therefore, rely on the following.

Determine whether you are an introvert or extrovert. Introverts are those people that are so much self-centered and embrace and inward mentality. There are professions that require introverts because of the nature of the works that they do; for instance, and data administrators are perceived to be introverted. This, however, does not disqualify extroverts from being good data administrators. Extroverts are social beings and get turned on by interactions in their workplaces. Extroverts are good fields like sales, motivational speakers and even public administration. Determining whether you are an introvert or extrovert helps you prepare well for the interview as it enhances self-awareness.

Evaluate how you end up making decisions. Here you get to know whether you fall under the ‘thinking type’ or the ‘feeling type’ of a person with regards to making decisions. ‘Thinking type’ of a person is that person who makes his or her own decision independently with regards to the logical aspect of the decision. The logic here is a guiding factor for the thinking type of persons. ‘Feeling type’ of a person makes decisions with regards to other people’s perceived thinking trying to accommodate their views in his or her decision. The feeling type is a type of person who wants to represent other people’s views and wouldn’t want to have conflicts as a result of his or her decision. Before an interview having to categorize yourself in either of the two helps you bring out who you are in the interview.

The judging or perceiving types. Here you determine your personality by checking how you communicate or relate to people on a diverse level and find out if you are judgmental or perceptive about other people and how you associate with them. Those who are of a judgmental type are recommended for positions that require independent decisions unlike those of a conscious kind who prefer involving other people and make a consultative decision.

Different job descriptions require different personalities and therefore personality checks before an interview are a very determining factor in a successful interview. Look for a place where you will fit in perfectly.

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