Different Types of Interviews You May Encounter

As a competitor, you will have to attend more than one interview to get a job. But interviews are different.

You can be invited to a group interview, in which several candidates will take part, a stressful interview, where your self-control will be checked, or it can be a telephone interview.

If you know in advance what an interview is going to be – the chance to pass it successfully is significantly higher. To do this, you can ask the company representative about the interview format, and how it will take place.

Here is a list of some types of interviews you may encounter, and tips on how to prepare them.

Behavioral interviewing

At such an interview, the employer asks the candidate to explain in more detail what exactly he did, and what resulted in this activity. The answer that the employer wants to hear must include three parts: a description of the situation, a story about the actions taken by the candidate and a colorful presentation of the result. Prepare interesting and successful examples in which you have succeeded.

Telephone interview

Such an interview is aimed at removing poorly trained applicants, and eventually invite only the most promising ones for a personal interview. You may suddenly call to simply clarify some of the items in your resume, and then, gradually, during the conversation, go to the telephone interview. Always be ready for this and keep your resume close to being able to rely on.

Integrated interview

Several representatives of the company will be interviewed with you, on which your recruitment will depend on you. When answering their questions, try to address the one who asked the question – there is no need to answer all at once. During the interview, you may be asked to demonstrate your ability to solve problems. You are given the situation and asked to formulate your plan for solving the problem. You do not need a final decision from you, simply, want to see how you will apply your knowledge and experience in the real situation.

Stress interview

A stressful interview is a deliberate attempt to test your self-control. Get ready for it and do not take everything personally to your account. Quietly answer each question posed.

Group interview

Selected candidates are gathered together in an informal setting to discuss the topic presented. The purpose of such an interview is to see how you can interact with other candidates, use your knowledge and the power of persuasion. Such interviews are usually aimed at uncovering the leadership abilities of future managers and decision-makers.

Interview with tasks on logic

Why sewer hatches are round? You probably have heard about such questions as the interviewers ask on interviews. Similar questions are checked for your intelligence and logical thinking. If you can not confidently give the exact answer, then think aloud – demonstrate the course of your thoughts.

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