Don’t Speak Negative In a Job Interview

Psychologists believe that answering the question about your disadvantages in the interview, we must focus on the strengths, just masking them in the form of defects. But those who are interviewing, usually seem only annoying.

Asking the seeker about his disadvantages, the recruiting specialist wants to know how mature a person is sitting in front of him, what is his self-esteem, or whether he can work constructively. People without disadvantages, as you know, do not exist: we are all woven from good and bad qualities. Your task is to show that you understand your disadvantages, know how to deal with them and work. But remember, you are not confessed, do not pour all the negative qualities on the recruiter.

 “I’ll start with my mistakes in the first job”

It is extremely important to be able to answer the questions of the interviewer in a concise and meaningful way. Therefore, it is not necessary in detail to paint their mistakes literally from the very beginning of a career. The employer is not ready to listen to the history of your trial and error. He just wants to understand if you can join the team and can easily manage them.
Tell us about those shortcomings that are not directly related to your desired position and are offset by your other qualities and skills.

For example, if you are going through job interview for a job position of a programmer, it is quite possible to “admit” that you feel uncomfortable during public appearances before a large audience. Firstly, it is unlikely that you will have to deal with a large number of people as an official duty, and secondly, such qualities are often inherent in the people of this profession and do not prevent you from being an excellent specialist in your field.

“I work too much”

It sounds, of course, touching, but this phrase is the first in the list of cliché that can suck all your endeavors on the interview. Indeed, it shows not so much your commitment to the employer and the willingness to work around the clock, but rather that you are planning your working time ineffectively.

“I am a workaholic”

Of course, the employer will expect you full impact, maybe you have to stay in the workplace late. However, he hardly needs martyrs who live in the office all the days long.

“I give too much attention to trivialities”

Perfectionism is “healthy”, which is characterized by high demands on itself, motivation and discipline. And there is – inadequate, when the best result never seems sufficient.

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