How Giving the Best Ideas That You Have Implemented in the Past Can Influence Your Job Interview Success


How Giving the Best Ideas That You Have Implemented in the Past Can Influence Your Job Interview Success

Most interviewers have a tendency of asking candidates about how their past important project or ideas helped them achieve what they had set. Such a question is necessary for the interviewer because he wants to have a clue on how you can use the ideas to solve situations at work if given a chance, your approach to the case and the skills you implement for the whole project. Below are some of the ideas that can influence your job interviewing a success;

1. Communication skills

Excellent communication skills refer to how excellently you convey your opinion and information to the clients and your boss. This can be through writing or verbal communication. Excellent listening is also a communication skill.

2. Ability and willingness to learn

Employers are willing to hire a candidate who is willing to learn and not the kind which assumes to know everything. Ability and willingness to learn mean you are receptive to change in case there is some restructuring in the company organisation.

3. Teamwork skills

When you show the employer you have teamwork skills that you implemented in the previous assignment, and they worked perfectly, your interview success is boosted. Teamwork is essential as it contributes to the success of the company.

4. Customer care service

This is an attribute that focuses on knowing your customer, their needs and expectations. When you express who you related with clients who are your customers and made them satisfied you boost the chances of being successful in your interview

5. Initiative

This is going beyond where your duty calls you to be and bringing in something unique that inspires your boss. By doing something that exceeds the expectations of your boss by sometimes working past your working hours catches the attention of the recruiter.

6. Adaptability

When called for a different duty other than your usual one, being flexible to adapt and accept is essential in becoming the ideal candidate for the job.

When an interviewer asks about your initiative at your previous assignment, he is simply looking for your capabilities, independence and are you able to realise something at your job that needs to be worked on without being told. Once you answer this perfectly according to the interviewer’s desire, then you are capable of being successful for the job.

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