How to Answer Sensitive Personal Questions During a Job Interview


How to Answer Sensitive Personal Questions During a Job Interview

Job interviews are all different, and the requirements differ from one employer to the next. However, some questions naturally shouldn’t be asked during an interview. The fact that they are not to be asked doesn’t mean that they won’t be asked at all. So, in case you are asked sensitive personal questions during an interview, you need to know how to handle the situation.

Offer a brief answer

Whenever you are faced with a question that is inappropriate for you, give a short answer that will lead to an end of the discussion or topic. If the interviewer still insists on getting a response from you on that question, you can maybe tell them that you have no problem answering the question only that you don’t know how it relates to the job you’re aspiring to get hired in.

Answer the question using a different angle

You don’t have to approach the subject in the same direction as the person who asked it. You can twist the answer such that it will not directly answer the question asked but will cover the question that hides behind. One example of such a case is a question such as, ‘how many children do you have?’ This question is a bit personal because the number of kids you have has nothing to do with the job at hand unless you’re getting hired at a daycare. So, to answer this question, you need to read the motive of the employer. Sometimes they want to know whether you will manage to keep up with the job even if you have children. Therefore, a great way to answer this question is to reassure the interviewer that you will meet all the requirements and obligations of the job without failure, regardless of any situation.

If the question is too sensitive, use the right avenues

Anything is expected in this contemporary world. Some interviewers will ask questions that are too sensitive or offensive. In such a scenario, you need to reconsider whether you still want to work with the company. You can keep quiet and ignore the question until when the interview is over and walk out peacefully. However, if you find the interviewer too offensive or outright unfair, you can use the proper legal avenues to deal with the situation.

Sensitive personal questions may not be evaded but knowing how to deal with them is what makes the difference.

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