How to Answer the Questions About the Company You Are Having Job Interview

At the job interview recruiters often ask questions about their company. “What do you know about our brand?”, “What product is your favorite?”, “Have you seen our website?” If you do not know the answer, it’s uncomfortable. After all, in the idea, you should be as much interested in the employer.

Instead of introduction

The most important advice we want to give you is to know about the company in advance. Go to its website, look for information in the Internet, see if the company is situated in the social media. Look attentively what is written here, how its representatives communicate with users, what is produced and so on. It has to be done, of course, provided you really are interested.

I had enough information in the job description

If you do not know what product of the company you like the most and what is posted in social media, at least, you have  read the job description. Definitely, due to the text you have realized this is what you need and come to learn more about the interview. Honestly, the schedule, terms, responsibilities, salary, and salary are perfect for you, and you are ready to learn all the additional information on the job.

I just wanted to ask you …

Just imagine. HR-manager with whom you had been communicating for half an hour, finally asks you: “What have you headr about our company?” Unfortunately, you are ashamed to admit that you have not heard anything. But if you think this is a complete failure, you are a bit mistaken. Actually, if you are wise enough, you are likely to take advantage of such embarrassing situation. The possible answer might sound like that:

I saw the vacancy, and I liked it. But I have not heard anything about your company before. This is even weird, because you have a good offer and everything suits perfects for me and meets my needs. Say, do you have a page in social networks or maybe you have a website where I am able to read about the company in more detail?

Turn the conversation to your side so as not to seem indifferent and indifferent to the company. Be honest, and, of course do not pretend that you do not care. This is truly win-win strategy that will help you to get out of such unpleasant situation.

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