How to Apply for a Job Even if You Don’t Have Enough Skills, Experience or Qualifications

Risk usually leads to success. But is it worth to apply for a job position if you do not fully meet the expectations? Is it really possible to get a job without being an ideal candidate?

Your work experience is less than what an employer wants to see

Often this is critical only if the employer clearly places emphasis on this or you are interested in a job position with a narrow specialization. Experience is, of course, very important, but if it is still not enough, and the work in the company is so attractive, and you feel that you can cope with the tasks, then when drawing up an answer to the vacancy, pay attention to your previous achievements. Emphasize the diligence attached to the qualitative performance of your official duties at the previous job. Tell about your contribution to the implementation of successful company projects and the role they have acquired in the practical experience.

Your specialization in the diploma does not correspond to the one stated in the vacancy

If the employer is looking for a specialist with a higher education degree, and you have a diploma in philology, but according to the basic requirements, you fully fit the company, to respond to the vacancy is still worth it. Profile education isn’t always equal to competence. In most cases, work experience is much more important than education. Therefore, feel free to send a CV, only when preparing it, emphasize your work experience and acquired practical skills.

Your knowledge is not enough

Evaluate how difficult it is to get knowledge. In the era of webinars, professional forums, online universities and libraries, there are many opportunities for learning, including free ones.

 Your software skills are weak

Try to study the specifics of the work involved and understand how profound knowledge of this or that software is required. If there is no need for a thorough and professional possession of a particular program, you can convince the employer that you will master it as soon as possible.

Sending a resume to all companies in a row, without considering the requirements of the employer, is completely meaningless. But if your resume matches requirements of over 75%, attach a cover letter. Explain in it that discrepancies are not really critical. And emphasizing once again its competitive advantages, you significantly increase the chances of receiving an invitation to an interview.

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