How to Build More Self-Confidence For a Job Interview

Stress and anxiety accompany the applicant when he goes to the important job interview. Excitedly, it is difficult to make an adequate decision, to find correct wording, worthy of presentation, and a witty answer comes to mind already on the way out of the building where the interview took place. Actually, some worries that happen before such crucial meetings are quite normal. Problems arise when a slight excitement grows into a strong one.

The best way to cope with anxiety is to prepare, and prepare well

Before the interview:
Review the CV for the purpose of correspondence to the facts of reality, print it out (information in front of the eyes will give confidence during the story of yourself).

Prepare a list of questions for the employer, you will be prompted to ask them and, in order not to be distracted, sketch the crib in your notebook. Write the same tips for yourself: “Straighten your back / smile / do not pull your foot / thank you for the meeting” or even “You look great!”.

While ironing your suit for an interview, remember about your strengths and weaknesses: you will probably be asked to name them. But to think how to submit yourself in the most favorable light, it would be good in advance.

Relax and take it easy

Adjust yourself to the fact that interviewing is negotiating two equal parties: an employer who has certain expectations and risks to make mistakes and to hire a job of that specialist and the applicant, with his expectations and risks. There are 4 ways to help you stay calm, restrained and get the interview duly and successfully.

  • To dispel nervousness you can have some warm-up, particularly, shake hands, fold the fingers – it activates speech centers and relieves nervous tension.
  • To relax during the conversation the simplest breathing exercises will help.
  • If breathing in and out does not help, look at your worries with the sense of humor. Check out what is funny about your partner, smile at yourself, and … calm down.
  • If it doesn’t help, you can simply admit to the HR manager that you’re worried. Ask for a glass of water. You are unlikely to be his first excited candidate and his experience will tell you how to disassemble the situation.

Train yourself

To stop being afraid of interviewing, you can just start visiting any job interview, even with inappropriate conditions, with a small salary. After several interviews you will become more confident. Moreover, when you receive an offer that is not particularly interesting to you, and you can easily refuse from it, then the confidence in your professionalism is formed.

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