How to Clearly Demonstrate that You are Interested in a Job Role

It is incredibly important at the job interview to tell the truth. This is how the employer can understand if you are interested in working in his company. Do your ambitions match your opportunities in the position you are talking about? Try to be as open as possible. So you can understand whether you are comfortable with the company. After all, interviewing is the communication of two parties, and the choice is made by both parties.

If the employee asks why you are interested in the work of the stated company, actually, he wants to know something:

Have you read the description of the vacancy and how careful were you?
Did you see the site of the company and that you learned about the employer?
How did you understand the functions that are to be performed on this position?
How do you talk about a vacancy / company to check your presentation skills?

Do you know the terminology in the sphere (if there are specific concepts).

What is not worth answering such questions:

I like the schedule of work / office location (this is the whole answer).
I am not particularly interested in the vacancy, I just decided to find a job.
I did not have time to read anything.
I did not have time to go to the company’s website.
You called me and I did not read anything else again – tell me.

What should be considered when answering this question

Each employer wants to see an employee who shows interest in the company, prepares for meetings with clients / suppliers / employees (depending on the job) – with a high probability all this will happen in the same way as when preparing for an interview.

If you have not read anything before the meeting and are not interested in the vacancy, have not studied, have not written important questions, the employer may think about whether you are serious about choosing a job and how long you plan to be in the team. He can also conclude that you will also be able to approach work-related issues in the exact same way.

Be sure to take time to explore the site of the company. Pay attention to the photo of the employees (if they are on the site) – this can be a tip for you, what people are working in the team, whether there are workshops, how employees are dressed in, and how you get dressed for a meeting – all this can tell to you a lot before the interview. As well, study vacancies, particularly, requirements, and functional responsibilities.

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