How To Come Up With Pleasant Dreams And Goals For Your Interviewing Panel

When this question is posed to you as an interviewee, you get an open invitation to answer freely as you choose. You get to have a broad spectrum within to operate in. As much as you had the opportunity to broaden your prospects, it is advisable to respond to this question within the limits of the job your being interviewed for.

Coming up with dreams and goals

Company homework

When coming up with the goals, it is essential to carry out company homework to come up with relatable answers. Do comprehensive research on the company to come up with goals that align with the company’s aims and objectives to score highly with the panel.

Relate to your work and career

Relate the goals and dreams you have with the job you are interviewing for. The goals should be achievable within your description; realistic dreams and goals. Relaying huge and over ambitious goals will only throw you out of the competition.

Derive answer from positive goals and ambitions

Your response should align with positive intentions and aspirations. For example; setting goals to improve the general success of the team and prosper of the firm in general.

Illustrate your dream

Illustrate more about your dreams and goals for the panel, and this will show dedication to make most of the job opportunity. This will show how committed you are to the firm and your job. When illustrating show the various steps, you will undertake to achieve the dreams and goals

Don’t be too specific

Don’t be too specific when stating your dreams and goals .for example; avoid saying that you will be engaged in work and lots of work, instead provide an overview of your dreams and goals highlighting only the key points that intrigue the panel. Don’t give the board an impression that you will be leaving soon as relayed within your dreams and goals.

Highlight skills

You should state the qualifications you intend to use to achieve the dreams and goals. This tells the panel more about you and your dedication to achieve your dreams and goals.Your dreams show how ambitious and committed you are to your work. You should come up with real dreams that are realistic given your position in the firm. Have a precise mental picture of where you want to be in a short run and build on that during the interview.


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